[WTB] 2003 ViRGiN MALE CHARACTER (“Caldari/Gallente/Amarr/Minmatar Citizen xxxxxxx”) // WiLL BE VERY VERY WELL PAiD!


I’m looking for a virgin 2003 male character who had get renamed by CCP in 2014 due inactivity into, e.g. “Caldari Citizen xxxxxxx”.


  • Male, in order of preference: Minmatar (Sebiestor only), Caldari, Gallente & Amarr.
  • Killboard must be empty.
  • Employement history must be empty.
  • Must have 1 yearly remap and 2 or 3 bonus remaps.
  • Very low SP amount, never trained character, less than 1M SP.

Will be very very well paid !!

Good spy char :smiley:


how many isk u are ready to pay for this spy? :smiley:

The price will depend of the race and date of birth.

Bring me one and you will see :wink:

How about this 2003 toon with 70m skill poins?


Thank you but I’m looking for a virgin character who can be renamed, sorry.

I’m pretty sure you will sell it if you make a WTS thread :wink:

Requirements edited…


I have very old char with name Amarr Citezen xxxxx if u want. Never used, low sp , 0.0, location hi.

Corporation Royal Amarr Institute
Date of Birth 2008-05-14
Skill Points 762,934
Unallocated SP 46,920
Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 3
Security Status 0.00


Thank you but I’m only looking for oldest characters.
I’m pretty sure you will find a buyer here on the character bazaar!


I have this one, Born: 2005.04.11

Caldari - 3 Remaps available

NPC corp - School of Applied Knowledge

832,364 SP


Caldari Citizen 892656438

|Date of Birth|2006-07-10|
|Skill Points|874,040|
|Unallocated SP|8,000|
|Yearly Remap|1|
|Bonus Remaps|3|
|Security Status|0.00|

Amarr Citizen 303638033

|Date of Birth|2006-11-09|
|Skill Points|828,785|
|Unallocated SP|45,255|
|Yearly Remap|1|
|Bonus Remaps|3|
|Security Status|0.00|

@ Blobbs
I will send you an EVEmail in a few minuts!

how much?


Something for you? A bit on the younger side but within your age span.


I’m ready to pay a very good amount of money for a caldari/gallente male of 2003 who can be renamed.

Your 2005 virgin char is a nice toon, if the price you want is fair, I can buy it. It can be useful later.

Is it a male or female? How much ISK you want for him/her ?



how much can u offer for me?