[SOLD/DONE] Virgin old character renamed by CCP into 2014 (e.g. "Caldari Citizen xxxxxxx")


(Roger Balek) #1


I’m looking for old (2003-2007) male character who had get renamed due inactivity by CCP into, e.g. “Caldari Citizen xxxxxxx”, those characters are mostly trial accounts renamed by CCP for the Rhea extention in december 2014.


  • Male, Caldari or Gallente.
  • Killboard must be empty.
  • Employement history must be empty.
  • Must have 1 yearly remap and 3 bonus remaps.
  • SP amount is not important, never trained characters are prefered.

(Agromos nulKaedi) #2

I was going to offer you one from 2007 but upon login it took me straight to the character customization and wouldn’t let me out til i changed it. It also automatically changed the name from ‘caldari citizen xxxxx’ to something I didn’t want. Oh well.

(Roger Balek) #3

About character customization, this is not a huge issue.
Maybe ask CCP if this character can be renamed by a nickname of your choice, if this is the case, we can make a deal.

(Wolfetar) #5


Pilot as mentioned above

(Roger Balek) #6

The issue is the name, please check with CCP if this character can be renamed after transfer, by a name of my choice of course.

I know there is no issue when the name is a generic one (xxx citizen xxx) gived by CCP due to inactivity.

(Gemini Staxx) #7

I had a series of pilots that when looked at in account management had Citizen XXXXX - But when i logged in game they were returned to their initial name.


(Roger Balek) #8

I guess the nickname is returned back if nobody takes it since the Rhea extention.

So Im not sure if CCP will accept a rename on this basis, Im sure that CCP will accept to rename it if the character is “xxx Citizen xxxxxxx”.

(Gemini Staxx) #9

They definitley wouldn’t based on my past exp.

Best of luck o7

(Roger Balek) #10

That is what I thought :frowning:

Thank you, o7

(Wolfetar) #11

I submitted a ticket to ask anyway, but based on the info above I wouldn’t hold your breath :slight_smile:

(Roger Balek) #12

OK, let me know when you get official information :wink:

(Roger Balek) #13

Bump !

(bbsrce) #14

I am the proud owner of Caldari Citizen 1243574098, a beautiful specimen from 2005 who has never left the starter school and definitely has no killmails.

I am 99.9% confident that it has the 1 and 3 remaps available (as it hasnt been logged in for a couple years? actually probably 13 :joy:)

There is no portrait, so set it to what you want. As for gender, I have no idea :man_shrugging: but I can guarantee it is human.

What is this rare specimen worth to you?

(Roger Balek) #15

This is the kind of character I’m looking for, yes.

I’m pretty intrested by him but I need to be sure that he can be renamed by CCP.
Do you remember the exact original name of this character?
To be sure that the character can be renamed by CCP, the original name must be taken by someone else.

So, if the name is not available, CCP can rename the character.
If you dont remember the original name, you can make a test:
Connect that character, maybe setup a portrait, see if the game ask you for a new name (never saw the processus of reconnection a never used old character), or if you are into a station or flying into space, with that “Caldari Citizen 1243574098” name.

If this is the case, we can make a deal because CCP will accept to rename it.
If the original name of your character is still available, the character will get his old name back… Keep that in mind if you do that test :wink:

About the price, if those requierments are OK:

  • Can be renamed
  • Male
  • Killboard is empty
  • Employement history is empty
  • 1 yearly remap and 3 bonus remaps.

I can offer you 7B for that character (because Caldari + 2005)

(Caldari Citizen 1243574098) #16

password is pass
So I’m definitely male, all the criteria is good except I am not sure if I can be renamed? If I log in it will force me to change my portrait, are you ok with me logging in to check my old character name and generating a new portrait? The old name is Qwertyuio, and there is someone with this name and also what looks like a surname, I am curious if it will allow a name change?

(Roger Balek) #17

I’ve tried to create a new character with the name “Qwertyuio” and that name is unavailable , good news!

So, in theory, if you log-in with “Caldari_Citizen_1243574098” and make a portrait (yes you can, no issue with that, not expensive for me to change that later) you will keep the “Caldari_Citizen_1243574098” name and so, a GM (support) will accept to rename that character because the original nickname isn’t available anymore.

(Caldari Citizen 1243574098) #18

Ok perfect, I’ll set a portrait and see what happens at DT if it gives me the old name back or not. Also there is a chance I may have another 2005 noname character on another old account of mine if youre interested.

(Roger Balek) #19

Why are you waiting for DT to do that ?

Maybe, please drop an eveskillboard of that another toon :wink:

(Caldari Citizen 621376909) #20

I’m the other


I believe I also have a female from 2005

(Caldari Citizen 1243574098) #21

I suppose I am able to make the sale now?

I do have to leave my house in about an hour from now.
Password is pass for both, sorry didnt specify in second post