[WTB] 2004-2005 virgin male character renamed by CCP into 2014 (e.g. “Caldari Citizen xxxxxxx”)


I’m looking for a virgin 2004 / 2005 (or 2003) male character who had get renamed by CCP in 2014 due inactivity into, e.g. “Caldari Citizen xxxxxxx”.


  • Male, in order of preference: Caldari, Gallente, Amarr and Minmatar.
  • Killboard must be empty.
  • Employement history must be empty.
  • Must have 1 yearly remap and 2 or 3 bonus remaps.
  • Very low SP amount, never trained character, less than 1M SP.

Hi I have toon that is 15 years 8 months that fits what your lookin for EVEL is his name he has the yearly remap and 3 bonus remaps he has 1,186,323 sp with 597.260 unallocated sp he is caldari give me mail in game if this fits
and since it such a cool name do you really want to change it no history he is clean as a baby ass : )

Thank you for your interest but I realy need a toon who can be renamed.

This toon “evel” you have can be intresting for some other players for sure!

Maybe make a [WTS] thread and sell it to the biggest bidder? I’m pretty sure you will make some B’s with him :wink:

I sent you a couple in game e-mails with characters…

Thank you, I’ve wrote an ingame answer.

Hi, Duee

I would be interested in buying evel. I sent you an in game message too. Please let me know what you are asking for him.



i have two pilots [Amarr Citizen 394051949 Caldari Citizen 396647242]

Offer withdrawn, thanks anyway


Requirements edited.

I have Amarr Citizen xxxxxx if u wish. Never used, 0.0, hisec, low SP very old acount

Corporation Royal Amarr Institute
Date of Birth 2008-05-14
Skill Points 762,934
Unallocated SP 46,920
Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 3
Security Status 0.00



Thank you but I’m only looking for oldest characters.

I’m pretty sure you will find a buyer here on the character bazaar!

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