[WTB] 2003 ViRGiN MALE CHARACTER (“Caldari/Gallente/Amarr/Minmatar Citizen xxxxxxx”) // WiLL BE VERY VERY WELL PAiD!

What is the gender and bloodline of your 2005 Minmatar ?

You can see that without login with EVEmon.

yep, it’s a male, minmatar - brutor slave child

Sorry but for a Minmatar male toon, I can take a Sebiestor Tribe only.

But I’m pretty sure you can sell it on the character bazaar for a fair price!

I would like to get an idea of what you might be willing to accept for this character. I am interested and might purchase it from you.


What’d you pay?

for the most virgin of virgins.

your price check?

your price check?

Buuummpp ! :sunny:

Bump !

i send u ing mail

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Uh, I’m not a virgin… (sweats profusely)

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… renamed by CCP in 2014 due inactivity

What you’re looking for probably doesn’t exist.

CCP freed up never subbed trial account pilot names in 2014 and the earliest trial I know of was in 2005. Also the freed trial names were eventually reverted as I have tons that were given back their old name around the time of the Alphas release.

There definitely could’ve been a trial in 2004 that I’m not aware of but I don’t think there would’ve been one in 2003.

You’re only hope would be a character born in 2003 who’s name was “deemed offensive”.
(Other readers: If you have an old offensively named 2003 virgin you should report the name to ccp and then send some isk my way if you sell to OP)


I have bought one of those characters few days ago, a character born in january 2004 and I’ve refused a second from 2004 one right after…
There is obviously less of 2003 characters but they exists. They are rare that’s why the price I can put into this will be high :wink:

About offensive names, I can’t say if the support will accept to rename those characters as the same way they accept to do it for those from the 2014 name purge.

Bump !

Bump ! :sunny:

I have a caldari from 06 that has no history but does have a name albeit rather generic , afaik hasn’t been trained other than the default skills given that year. Sgt Slim

Also an unnamed Minnie male from 08 Unnamed

I only look for characters who can be renamed.
How much do you want for the 08 minnie ?