[WTB] 2003 ViRGiN MALE CHARACTER (“Caldari/Gallente/Amarr/Minmatar Citizen xxxxxxx”) // WiLL BE VERY VERY WELL PAiD!


(Roger Balek) #65


I’m ready to pay a very good amount of money for a caldari/gallente male of 2003 who can be renamed.

Your 2005 virgin char is a nice toon, if the price you want is fair, I can buy it. It can be useful later.

Is it a male or female? How much ISK you want for him/her ?


(Alissa Ann) #66


(Minmatar Citizen 571894943) #67

how much can u offer for me?


(Roger Balek) #68

What is the gender and bloodline of your 2005 Minmatar ?

You can see that without login with EVEmon.

(Minmatar Citizen 571894943) #69

yep, it’s a male, minmatar - brutor slave child

(Roger Balek) #70

Sorry but for a Minmatar male toon, I can take a Sebiestor Tribe only.

But I’m pretty sure you can sell it on the character bazaar for a fair price!

(Lord Kalus) #71

I would like to get an idea of what you might be willing to accept for this character. I am interested and might purchase it from you.

(Excal Soulstalker) #72


What’d you pay?

for the most virgin of virgins.

(THE 835T) #74

your price check?

your price check?

(Roger Balek) #79

Buuummpp ! :sunny:

(Roger Balek) #80

Bump !