104m Avatar pilot for sale - Master of Capital Destruction

And now, the time has come,


these are his implant groups;

https://gyazo.com/52237c5d1e3a96692f0ead454f7ec2f3 Shield super geno set

https://gyazo.com/4bd83e557f63afe5b8dc2291250c9ed4 avatar high grades and a +5 training group with armor mindlink and lazor goodness

He also has the Wyvern Blue Tiger, Khanid Aeon, Avatar Cold Iron, Avatar Purity of the Throne, and the all powerful Avatar Crimson Harvest skin (24b alone in Jita)

Located in Jita, you will be hard pressed to find a pilot that is this capable and focused to causing death by God’s Holy Light

Starting bid is 150b, lowballs will be ignored. Bidding will continue until reserve is met.

Thank you and fly dangerously


Still available. Don’t miss out on maximum destruction.

Doomsday 5 Doomsday Rapid Fire 5 Capital Pulse Specialization 5 Amarr Titan 5

Green killboard, No killrights, positive sec status, positive wallet.

Who do you want to BFG today?


Still looking for a good home. Not concerned where, you have money he will travel.

Bumpage for a near perfect Amarr titan pilot. You snooze, you lose…

I am still available


once again into the breach