WTB Titan Pilot

Looking for Avatar, Erebus or Rag Pilot.

Mail me your offers or link it below.


How much is your budget? Are you looking for max skills or just a sitter? Are you looking for one with particular skins?

Budget depends on the Pilot.

I am looking for a pilot with minimum titan IV/DD skills IV … or better

Will consider an offer on me.

Amarr titan 5, Capital pulse spec 5, DD 5, DD rapid fire 5. Near perfect skills for avatar; armor, engineering, gunnery.
Crimson harvest and headhunter skins for avatar, plus others.

I sold my titan and left alliance due to rl issues. Hate to let this go, but for the right price…

you’ve got a mail.






check this. Post here or Send message with offer to: Haleuth.


mail sent

close/ del. pls

no more need for

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