WTB 2003/2004 Male Characters w/ any amount of SP


(Jaqi Devlin) #22

Hey. Got a June 2004 character for you -


1645 Oldest

(Zuluwise) #23

i am interested

(Fray Havoc) #24

Not interested @Jaqi_Devlin. Thank you for posting. I’ve purchased 2 characters so I’m being more picky about names.

(roto) #25

Early 2005 character : http://eveboard.com/pilot/Inspires
PM me if interrested.

(Snaut) #26


One of the oldest char in EVE (126). ■■■■ lot of SP… Very , very expensive

(Fray Havoc) #27

Thanks for posting, I do not like your name though.

(Badasstaz) #28

Do you like my name?