WTB Old Toon!

As title states…

I’d like to purchase an older toon:

Ideally, the toon would need to meet these parameters:
1 single name, for example; ‘Danaerys’
At least 2010 (or older)
No corp history (this is a necessity)
Not looking to spend a boat load.

Price range: -2.5billion

I’m from 2006 (1.260.000 sp), I was in a corp only but I’m not sure I want to leave my master…

Will have to pass on this one thank you, the no corp history is again a necessity :slight_smile:


Might want to sell depending on offer.

Would you take 2b flat for it?

Make that 2.5b then sure.
Because i’m going to have to pay 20 euro for the transfer fee.

2.5b is fine, I can send you the isk on friday, will not be active until then.

Just holler

Hey buddy, manage to get to the PC for a hot minute if you wanna go ahead with the sale now?

DM Me on discord if you can, Arcanier#2856

Isk has been sent.

Account name has been given.

Character transferred.

I wonder if people are aware on the Corp history tab at the very bottom it shows the date of when a character transfer took place. People trying to buy characters for whatever reason and hide the fact they bought it cannot get rid of that nice entry showing when it was transferred

2 of them from 2007 :smirk:

The character transfer isn’t an issue to me :slight_smile:

The order has been filled out now, once the character has been added onto my account I’ll ask ISD to close down the thread :slight_smile:

Character is now on my account

Please take this post down :slight_smile:

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