WTB Old Toon

EDIT- Found a toon. Closed.

Bump <3

Have 2 toons i am considering to sell.

1 - 966k SP from 2007 never been in a Player Corp currently in nullsec

2 - 140k SO from 2010 never been in a Player Corp currently in highsec

If interested, entertain me with an offer.

There are several toons for sale for what you are looking for… go through the bazaar and look for them.

Good tip. I haven’t had any responses. I only went far about 3 months back and found very few of interest.

whoops, learn to read GEO, i missed the 5m sp max part of your post…

No worries!

Would I need names and such, but I’ll make an offer.

i ve a toon born in 2006, never corped, less than 1m sp, contact me ingame

Still looking. @Maurice_Potdevin I still have not received communication from you.

bump for your search. You are looking for an old toon… i think you do aware already … even you buy an old toon people will know that you possibly can be a new player… because they can see the date you buy and transfer the character in your character profile . still bit curious :slight_smile:
good luck hope you find soon

Thank you for the bump. I’m looking for an older toon because I played back in 07 and wanted a toon to reflect that. It’s more of a personal preference I guess.

Still Looking

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