WTS OLD rookie - 2007-05 1m SP

I got into this game back in 07 and have found myself back in it. I’ve gone the new acct + dlc for 2m sp so Im selling my ancient toon I’ve held onto. Positive balance but not much to speak of really. Open to offers

Daily bump, dunno what the value is if anything, just trying to kick start my guy so i can enjoy more flying. Not everyday you walk across a cheap 07! :smiley: 2 of em actually

Can you post the skills, I’m looking for a base toon to move in to flying a freighter.




Edit: Have this fella as well https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/danl0
If I could have all of my restarts into just one toon I’d be so much further than I am :confused:

Still for sale! Relative blank slate with a ton of npc corp time, could even just have a ‘returning noob’ cheap spy to get all the juicy info on the northern war! or you could just pad some years to your ‘experience’ level :smiley:

Bumping :slight_smile:

Still searching for isk!

bump :smiley:

will work for food

problem you have is someone can get more sp with a buddy code which is free

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