WTB a 2003 character

Hi, I would like to buy a 2003 character - low sp the better -


I have a 2003 toon that I could part with if the price was good but I am pretty attached to her so it would need to be worthwhile. What are you looking to pay for a 5M skill 2003 toon?

10b today max offer – you can take as much sp from her as you want before or if you sell

If you can give me 4B up front so I can quickly extract skill points I will do it. She is at 9.5M so I will extract her down to 5M quickly then pass her to you and then you can give me the rest. I am on all day so I can do it whenever you like. Please let me know and good luck, have fun. :slight_smile:

btw, her skill points are in hauling, production, planetary and science. Let me know which skills you want to leave on her.

if i send over the 10b then you can take out sp and send her over, if that works for you

That’ll be great. her name is metriche. I’ll do it right away so you can get her right away. what skills would you prefer I leave on her?

none, it’s all good, feel free to take what you need from her, and im sending isk to " Tomoe ?

No, just send it to metriche and i’ll do it now please.

ok sending isk now for the sale

payment done

Cool. Thanks. I will hurry.

it’s ok, i have sent account info to you also

3 more jumps to where i bought the extractors.

It’s saying I have to link my account first so I have to figure that out quick. Sorry it’s taking a minute.

I contacted the gms. I will get this doen as fast as I can.

its ok

They are maiking my submit a ticket. The live help GM Grizzled said it was not a problem but that he couldn’t fix it and I have to wait on the ticket. I’ll totally send you metriche as soon as they let me. Don’t worry, I am a very honest person and I won’t rip you off, I just can’t do it until they get back to me. I mentioned being stuck, so hopefully that will speed it up.

ill contact you in game a little later :slight_smile:

ticket (1736456) is what we’re waiting on, just so you know.

I’v also done a ticket, so hope it speeds it up a little