WTB 150M SP And more

I’m looking for a pvp character, preferably focused, rather than universal
with all the rules of ccp

and how much do you want

let’s wait maybe someone else will offer

I have
Tak: Tak Amura Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)
216M sp + 1.1M unallocated.
Price is 205B

Total Skillpoints: 133,246,383
Unallocated Skillpoints: 793,000
Total Skillpoints: 134,039,383

I have a maximum of 190b

Thank you but I’ll pass, 205B is my minimum.

Well I’ll keep in mind

still selling?

I would take me a little bit to get her square like an hour or so to get her moved to jita and assets cleaned up, corp drop, etc. but yes.

Edit, relook at the skillboard FYI. It was out dated, she has a little over 1M more SP.

Confirming ownership too, fyi.

ok, I’ll send the money and who to send it to right now

Send isk and account info to Tak


Both received transfer initiated (your account name made me LOL):

the account came thanks

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