[WTB] Female Toon with a Good name. At least 75m SP

As the title says, looking for a female character with at least 75 million SP and a good name.

Please list your price and we can discuss from there.
Links to forum threads are also fine.



175 mil SP subcap-specialized char, ready to start training capitals ( many support skills already trained to 5 ).
180 bil.

Please shoot me a convo or mail in game so we can talk further!


95.5 mil SP only subcap, absolutely no waste

100 bil

As discussed in game, 175b for the character Eliserae with 175m SP.

Please confirm so I can send isk and account details, thanks!

If the transaction with the other character falls through I’ll let you know and we can talk. =)

confirmed, pls send isk and acct info

edit : isk received, petitioned CCP for transfer

thank you for a swift transaction

enjoy the char !

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