WTB High SP (300M+) Female Character - High Budget

Hi all,

So, I’ve been playing Eve for quite a number of years and have recently returned from an extended break.

Before my break, I liquidated my assets and held on to the ISK for if I decided to return.

I’ve now decided to return and once again enjoy what Eve has to offer.

This being the case, I’m looking to buy myself a new character.

I’m looking for a very high SP “endgame” level character, preferably female with 300M SP+.

I’m not in any particular rush and I’m prepared to wait for the right character.

My budget is 500+ billion ISK.

Feel free to post here or mail me if you have a character you think would interest me :slight_smile:

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Bump. Good luck finding what you’re after!
Welcome back.

@Avelarius_Amilupar Thank you!


To the top!


Up we go!

Nothing out there? :astonished:

Quite a bit under what you’re looking for, but 123 million SP, trained in gallente carriers and amarr dreadnaught, all blops, most other ships cruiser up, near perfect gunnery and missile skills (cruiser size up, specializations not at V). Does not have a whole lot trained dessie down. Send game mail for skill board.

The highest I’ve ever seen on here within the past couple months has been 260m. 300m+ has got to be very difficult to come by.

@Lauren_Fausste I’ve sent you an in-game mail.

@Derronn Yes, I’ve noticed very few high SP characters for sale, so a matter of being patient I think.



Posting this here so I don’t hijack the other thread :smiley:

Need be only a Female ???
(free bump)


Preferably yes, but if his skills are ideal I might re-consider …

Evemail me his skill sheet if you’d like to.

A qustion please, is Missy owner of this threat? Mean is Missy and Heather one and rhe same person please?

Is this “topic” dead ?

Not mine, but i’d buy it if i had this ISK

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You have message.

Thanks Taya!!

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