WTB Female Character - High SP

Hey everyone,

I’m looking to buy a female character with the following attributes:

-Good Name is a Must!
-High SP (100m+)
-Decent Engineering, Drone, and Navigation skills are preferred.

My budget: 140B




I’m certainly interested, think you can get online so we can talk price?

Yeah, give me a minute.

Sold for agreed price in game. Awaiting isk transfer, i need around half hpur to empty myself.

She is in high sec, no kill rights, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

Isk sent, awaiting transfer.

isk and acc name received.

I begin to empty her now.

Transfer done. Please confirm hen you reeive the ccp mail or the toon.

Enjoy !

Got the transfer email! Thank you.

Enjoy !


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