Looking for female Characters


I am looking forward to give some female Characters a new Home. The Characters should own a decent name and approx. 5m Skillpoints.

I might consider untrained Chars as well if they were born between 2003 and 2008.


Here is her information :slight_smile:

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Callista_Jayati (She has 11.1 mill and is ready to fly all stealth bombers ;), also if it asks for p/w it should be either 123 or 1234)

Let me know, what you might be willing to offer.


I am afraid my offer won’t suit your expectations (as far as I can tell from Callistas recent posts on the bazaar). Nevertheless good luck with your sale and thanks for your time!

low points but great name,


has full rack of 3’s, and at least 2 remaps possibly 3


How much are you looking for?

Hi, i assume you are Ria =)

I am now checking time, and if you rememeber api will be closed 8 may, i have just now three female pilots who just pass the 4m points barrier, were planned as VNI pilots but i am reducing accounts now.

Interested in any of the three ? i can sell the three too =)

Tansy cooper 3.995m points, vni

Hanna solidwind (a little more than 4m points, but 275k unallocated)


hanna solidwind

Vni pilot 4n, 250k non allocated

I can enter with the three for confirm.


How much do you want for Sharon? I guess I like her the most out of the 3 :slight_smile:

2.7b ? i need pay the transfer. If yes i confirm in a minute.

If yes, send the isk and acc name and i transfer in the night (i am in the road now)

Sure, thats great! ISK and Account Details sent.

Thanks a bunch!

Im looking for female characters as well. Ive been looking for a female character since i was 12 years old. :frowning:

Lol =)

Trade accepted, i send the character in some hours,

Is in high sec, positive wallet, no kill rights, all ccp rules apply.

Thanks for the business.

Sharon Zhukov delivered, thanks for the business.

Confirmed. Have a nice Day!

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Brutor_lynx 3.7b

full midsnke clone

Unfortunately, I don’t like her name that much. But thank you for sharing! It’s highly appreciated.

you welcome =)

May i ask, why sell at 2.7B if the transfer fee is 1000plex which is equal almost to 3b? Aren’t you getting less?

I have a stable of young lady’s that are up for grabs,

Little Miss Madness
Little Melissa McMean
Snotty Little Sister
Little Miss Mayhem

All are under 5m points and all are well trained so far.

If you have specifics on what you want, please let me know and I can link skill sheets.

Hi, reasons are many.

1 ) For me HOLDing an account can be a problem ,for one character. I low the price because in the future i dont need more the account. I pay normally mi transfers as credit card purchases, and many of my characters of low points were created as alpha and get 3-4 free million points. Then i receive at least the same Isk i can receive for purchasing please directly, but normally ore and less toons to control / check. Think in that as a mix of purchase subscription and recycle toon.

Now i am 33 characters on, and probably sell only three or them next month. Only one female, incidentally same aspect that Sharon Zhukov , and i put the same appareance in Morvana steele.

https://evewho.com/pilot/Sharon+Zhukov (sold here)
https://evewho.com/pilot/Mother+Alpha for sale in one or two months maybe
https://evewho.com/pilot/Morvana+Steele (hold, is a 2005 char)

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