CLOSED WTB Female pilot 2005 read inside,

I go to have soon a space for a pilot, looking for a female pilot with decent name created before 2006. I have not special interest in skill points allocation, and not matter much if is 300k or 60m points.

I was ready to purchase today or tomorrow, and friday the threa will be closed.

Only want :

  • Decent name,
  • 2006, 2005 or older

no tinterested in :

  • expensive implants
  • use of the skill points
  • corp story (dont matter)

offer, i have cash to purhcase if interesting, a little overriced but no too much if i find the right toon.

today bump 3 10
npc corp ready for transfer
positive wallet
no kill rights
80b only

Offer accepted, i send the isk and acc name one moment ago.

Any notice of you ? the isk and acc name was sent 2 days ago.

No notice yett, i go to raise a ticket to recover the ISK.

you still looking

Yes, waiting my isk back anyway.

I think your char is ok for me, i assume is around 32 b. whatt proce are u thinking ? (i need recover my isk first, ticket raised)

i was thinking more of 1 bil per mil sp so like 43bil

but i would need 24 hours to remove form corp and move assests. but will come with 2 jump clone with implants pos sec stat. and will be located in jita. and a pos wallet

43 Sounds ok for me. Please think i am Currently waiuting the return of my 80b and my payment need the isk returned first.

np just wanted to make sure. ill start the stuff on my end

can someone see the ticket in CCP side ? Support Request #765571

you still looking? i’m seeing what offers are out there for my character.
character born 2004/02/18 with 101mil SP Name is Xlisha

Interested but need the password to see.

I am waiting the refund of 80b

sorry try now.

Checked. Id the type of pilot i need, how much you want ?

I can sell one of my other pilots to puchase her, and can pay in the evening, dont matter if not get a refund.