SOLD Wts two female VNI pilot 4m points

I am now checking time, and if you rememeber api will be closed 8 may, i have just now twofemale pilots who just pass the 4m points barrier, were planned as VNI pilots but i am reducing accounts now.

Tansy cooper 3.995m points, vni

Hanna solidwind (a little more than 4m points, but 275k unallocated)

Are in high secPositive wallet, no history, ccp rules apply, no kill rights.

Asking 2.7b for each because i need pay the transfer.

I am on the road now, can deliver in aprox six hours. I deliver two the first people who sent the isk and the acc name.

I enter in a minute to confirm.

Please answer thread, not reading evemail in this char or in the pilots selling.

Asking 2.7b for each because i need pay the transfer.,

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I am for sale in the conditions stated

I am for sakle in the conditions stated.

2.7 bill for Tansy cooper sending isk and info now

2.7 bill for Hannah Solidwind. ISK and accountname sent! If Destiny dosent follow up with his bid I would also be willing to buy Tansy.

I receive the isk /account for hanna solidwind and was delivered, no payment received yet by tansy, i sell her to the first people who sent me the isk and acc name, and answer the thread.

sorry isk and info sent

Acc received, and isk.

Maybe i have similar male pilots, are u interested guys ? i need check …

yeah im interested

Both pilot delivered. Need check and send a mail if i find one. I hate the bandwidth of hotels =(

I am interested too if you have any other 5m+ pilots

Char recieved thank you!

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