SOLD WTS 4.3m female pilot with 1.78m free and cyber V

Maybe You interested in the pilot i link in a moment. Let me explain.

She has now 1.25m sp without assign i can put other 535000 have in the queue, then are 1.78m SP free.

Total points are 4.3m

She has not history, is in high sec, positive wallet, no kill rights. All ccp rules apply.

If interested answer the thread, i am in work.

3b thanks

3.2 and is a deal, i need transfer with credit carad.

Iam ready to transfer.

Another bump.

3.3 bill Buyout

Ok, send it. I am online and can transfer in ten minutes

I’ll be home in 20 minutes

Ok, i stay connected. =P

3.3 billion isk and account name sent

awaiting transfer notification

I dont see the ISK in the pilot … and no mail yet

Seeking you in game

verified i sent isk and mailed you account name

Received now, i apply the points and transfer in five minutes., Please answer when you receive the confirmation mail.

Transfer is Done, and the pilotboard page is updated. I leave 60m in the char.

Thanks for the business !

received transfer confirmation thank you

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