Hi, need cash now.

I am selling this character for 4.5b


Cybernetics v
Camn mine
Interplanetary Connections V
Freighter Minmatar available, not paper freighter,. decent defenses.

Because I need pay in euros, cant low than 4.5b (4 for the base 800m por each million normal price =5.6 aprox )

Have 6.9 million points, no kill rights, positive wallet, is in high sec.

If interested answer the thread i am not reading evemail…

hi 4.5b B/O

Accepted, send me the isk and account name and i deliver in less than 20 minutes.

info and isk sent

Flying to Rens, six jumps, I deliver shortly.

Transfer done, please reply when you recived.

All done thank you :kissing_heart:

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