SOLD WTS 5m pilot with cyber V

Is in high sec
Not killing rights
positive wallet
all ccp rulesapply.

I need aprox an hour to transfer, installing eve again.

If interested answer here, i am not reading eve mail.

What is your price ?

I was thinking in 2.9b because i pay in euros.


Bid accepted.

Sold, i am the same people of , are in the same account. .

Which want you i deliver first

This is yours too?

Yeah, are in the same account.

I confirm, are the same. As we speak in he other char mail. Already transfer the other

I can transfer in ten hours, isk and account dont receive yet, but is better if u can sent it now for me =)

I can pay the ISK first, the account needs to wait a while, I need to delete some characters

okey mno problem. Sent the isk and tell me later the account =)

ISK sent。

Isk received.

Tell me when i can transfer to that account.

As requested by mail, i transfer the pilot oje moment ago.

Please answer when you receive the pilot or the eve mail

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