SOLD WTS Vni pilot 4m 2.7b

Hi, inactive seller here. Selling this pilot

Is the only pilot i have in the account and want free before the evemon-locaust of may 8.

UI am not reading evemail in any of the two chars, when i sell this i enter s inactiveseller to confirm i am the same.

Is in high sec, no killrights, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.


I could do 2.5 bil in about 30 or so minutes.

Because i pay the transfer, need the 2.7, sorry but thank for the offer.

I could probably sell some of my assets and do 2.7 bil. Might be an hour or so from now.

No problem, i will be online with this page open.

Thanks for understanding.

Withdrawing offer. Won’t be able to make 2.7 bil isk.

No problem, pilot remain available.

Hi, willing to offer the 2.7 bill buy out.

Perfect, send the isk and acc name and i deliver as soon i can.

ISK and account info send to the character

i transfer the Pilot one moment ago, you must receive the evemail shortly

thanks for the business.

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