WTS 12,5m sp VNI Pilot


I will pay transfer
Positive Wallet
No Killrights
In NPC Corp
No assets
2 Bonus Remaps
Located in High Sec

Starting bid 12B

I will start you off at 12b


bump still takeing offers for a day or 2 more

@Ilina_Azanti still have 12b on the table. If you don’t get any offers over the next 2 days would you sell to me?

i might, ill get back to ya in a day or 2

@Ilina_Azanti I will give you 13B If that makes you sell. I am online and can send ISK and info if you accept. Let me know

hey bud, i was hopeing to get 16b for it as that would get me most of the injectors ive put into it back.
i might hang on to it and train it abit more and then try again later on.
sorry for the lare reply, had to leave home for work for a few days and didnt have interweb untill now.

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