WTS 122,6m sp pilot

(Evgenyi) #1

Combat pilot
Security status: 1,3
NPC corp, positive wallet, character in high sec, 4 jump clones.
start bid: 95b

(Titan Fires) #2

95 Billion ISK right here

(Maizie Fields) #3

105 bil

(Titan Fires) #4

110 Billion ISK right here

(Titan Fires) #5

115 billion ISK

(Evgenyi) #6

Confirmed, sold for 115 bil

(Titan Fires) #7

Isk and account info sent. Great doing business with you!

(Titan Fires) #8

Still waiting on seller to start transfer. Will notify CCP for reversal if seller doesn’t respond within 24 hours. 7:25 AM currently

(Titan Fires) #9

Sent ticket to CCP to reverse ISK transfer. To bad seller was a scammer.