[Sold] 96m combat pilot


No idea of current market havent played in years corp history on this toon is really clean for an 08

Postitive wallet
Positive sec status
Located in high-sec
1 remap

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password for skillboard?

Did not mean for there to be a password should be gone let me know if not.

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90bil, sounds good?

90 top offer will end this today or tomorrow not interested in a long wait.

91 billion ISK right here

92bil then, ISK ready as well

Will sell today :slight_smile: just gotta read the new rules havent done this in a decade lol

Yo varsaer_cosimo i will sell to you for 92b what is best way to contact you

Hey, sry I just woke up, shoot me an evemail then to Varsaer Cosimo

I’ve just sent you an evemail to this char u r selling, plz check

ISK sent, thank you!

Character transfer in progress thank you.

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