[SOLD] WTS: 2005 125M SP PVP-PVE combat char



Remap Available
character is in npc corp
Positive wallet
No kill rights
character is in high sec

start bid: 100 bil

BO: 120 bil

First that Hit 110bil got it

85 bil

85 bil? No…

With Injector price in free fall and extractors going up, I am pretty sure that you wont get much higher bids… However, I am prepared to offer you 2bil more just because I will actually use the pilot. Final offer is 87 bil. if not, jebi ga :slight_smile:

Thnx for offers,but no i wont sell it under 95-100 bil.

Fair enough, good luck with the sale.

86 bil

Thnx for offer but it’s little bit to low.

Its bigger than me… i like the name… 88 bil

why dont you just hit 91 bil so we can call it a day,i pay transfer with 1000 plex so thats -3 bil ,and everyone is happy :smile:

:slight_smile: you are one terrible person :slight_smile:
I will give you 90 bil, lets to the business.

wrong post

lets do ti…send isk and acc name

Isk and account name sent

isk recived ,and pettion sent

Any news from GM’s?

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