[SOLD] WTS: 2005 125M SP PVP-PVE combat char

(manijak) #1



Remap Available
character is in npc corp
Positive wallet
No kill rights
character is in high sec

start bid: 100 bil

BO: 120 bil

(manijak) #2

First that Hit 110bil got it

(Iva Stark) #3

85 bil

(manijak) #4

85 bil? No…

(Iva Stark) #5

With Injector price in free fall and extractors going up, I am pretty sure that you wont get much higher bids… However, I am prepared to offer you 2bil more just because I will actually use the pilot. Final offer is 87 bil. if not, jebi ga :slight_smile:

(manijak) #6

Thnx for offers,but no i wont sell it under 95-100 bil.

(Iva Stark) #7

Fair enough, good luck with the sale.

(Gattanera) #8

86 bil

(manijak) #9

Thnx for offer but it’s little bit to low.

(Iva Stark) #10

Its bigger than me… i like the name… 88 bil

(manijak) #11

why dont you just hit 91 bil so we can call it a day,i pay transfer with 1000 plex so thats -3 bil ,and everyone is happy :smile:

(Iva Stark) #12

:slight_smile: you are one terrible person :slight_smile:
I will give you 90 bil, lets to the business.

(Alija2) #13

wrong post

(manijak) #14

lets do ti…send isk and acc name

(Iva Stark) #15

Isk and account name sent

(manijak) #16

isk recived ,and pettion sent

(Iva Stark) #17

Any news from GM’s?

(system) #18

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