WTS 120m Titan pilot

Selling this awesome capital pilot, almost perfect Leviathan aswell.
S/b 95B
b/o offer


101 bil

Not going to go in to a bidding dance with @TheDancer_Girl who appears to be just bidding to drive up prices and not pay up:

Selling this toon for any less than 118b isk would be a mistake in my opinion friend. You could easily get more than that. Good luck with this and have a free bump!

I think you should accept @Captain_McDowell’s offer of 118b ISK.

I didn’t offer because I don’t have the isk. I just hate to see characters and peoples hard work sacrificed to the injectors and possible RMT. So I like to give advice to first time sellers and sellers in general so they don’t get cheated out of isk they deserve :). That being said skill extractors to extract this character are about 78b roughly. Making a 180b (roughly) profit on injectors. Totaling a 102b profit if you sell that that price. That being said this isn’t a discussion thread so I will take my leave 07 friends. Free bump for you!

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