WTS Indy Pilot 40 Mil SP ---- SOLD

Price: 35 Billion Isk (35,000,000,000.oo)

Orca Pilot
Skiff Pilot
Charon Pilot … (with approx 1 hour away each for other race T1 freighters)
Can fly T2 transport ships of any of the 4 races.
Some planetary, reprocessing and trade skills also



Wallet: 4 million isk
Kill Rights: 0
Jump Clones: 0
Remaps Available: 2
Skins Activated: Prorator EOM, Skiff Nocx Rush, Capsule Upwell x 2
Character Location: High Sec, in station, Dodixie trade hub Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant


32,5 bil

34 bil

found another toon, offer withdrawn

Sale to TheDancer Girl of 34.5 bil Accepted. Please Evemail account name for character to transfer once isk has been sent to this character. Awaiting evemail and isk transfer…

TheDancer Girl withdrew offer, no isk transfer made. Maizie Fields offer accepted of 34 bil, please confirm. Awaiting isk transfer and evemail of account name to transfer character to if confirmed.

Purchase confirmed. ISK and account information has been sent. Thanks!

Isk received and character transfer complete.


Character received as described. Thanks, A.T. !!

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