SOLD Selling t2 weapon Ganker 4m cheap

(Frozen Dynamo) #1

Hi, having space problems need sell this pilot.

Nice name, 00 history, can usa catalyst like a pro

I suggest u train this little thing to finish :

Astrogeology 3
Drone Interfacing 3
Gallente Drone Specialization -2
Mining Barge 1 for deception
Projectile Weapon Rigging -2

Offer decent and i sell, really need clean the space.

Answer here, no checking eve mail, is in high sec, not kill rights, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

(Red Lola) #2

2bil here

(Frozen Dynamo) #3

make it 2.2 and is yours. I think is a decent price.

(Frozen Dynamo) #4

friday bump

(Red Lola) #5

2.1 and you will get iskies asap

(Frozen Dynamo) #7

Accpted send the isk and acc name

(Red Lola) #8

will be home within an hour

(Frozen Dynamo) #9

ok i go to work in an hour, i send there, same with the other pilot.

(Red Lola) #10

isk and info sent

(Frozen Dynamo) #11

pilot delivered, thanks

(system) #12

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