WTB High SP Female SubCap/Cap PVP Character - High Budget

(Robin Arkaral) #1

Hello everyone,

So, as per the subject, I’m in the market to buy a highly skilled female subcap/cap PVP character.

From reading recent posts on the old forums, I’m expecting this thread may be open for a while (unless I’m lucky), as you’ll see from reading what I’m looking for.

Character requirements:

  1. Should have between 150/200+ million SP and be trained in subcap/cap skills with little waste.

  2. Ideally looking for a character that’s original and hasn’t been stripped.

  3. Preferably created in 2003, 04, 05 or 06 - the older the better.

  4. Should be female with a decent portrait and sensible name (a single word name is preferable).

  5. Employment history, standings, security status, etc, doesn’t matter.

As for my budget, It’s fairly flexible and for the right character I’m prepared to pay the right price taking into account present day prices.

And so to conclude my post, please feel free to either post your characters here or drop me an eve-mail.

Thanks in advance!

(Robin Arkaral) #2


(Robin Arkaral) #3


(Heather Nightingale) #4

I’m a 2003 character available for sale. I’m not quite what you’re looking for in that I am very low SP (started training for freighter some time ago, then stopped), but I would make an excellent recipient for injectors to spec me however you choose. Let me have your best offer if interested.

(Aurora Rouvenor) #5

I’d be willing to buy your toon Heather Nightingale, send me a eve mail in game.