Wanting to buy a Low SP Character, paying fairly cheap, looking for anything thats 1+ years old and willing to pay 1B or so- any skills work i dont care too much, just need a fairly fresh SP character!

At this time the cost of a transfer for a character is 3.7 Billion (1000 plex), or direct sale of $20 USD which translates roughly to 1.85 Billion (500 plex). It is highly unlikely you will find someone willing to sell for less than that, and I would be highly suspicious of anyone who would.

With that out of the way, if you don’t care for skills at all and just want an clean character with some age I have a few

Unfortunately I cannot pay via direct sale, so I have to transfer via 1000 plex, but I would sell any of these for the cost of 1000 plex + 200mil.

Hi Cnda,
Thanks so much for the info- yeah i am pretty new to this so i wasn’t really sure what all the policies and whatnot are, i assume you probably meant they were banned acc’s if they tried to sell- with that being said, can i pay the transfer fee? If that’s against ToS- I’ll sell the plex and we can set up a deal on isk- how does that sound?

Hi, I actually found a character that’d work- no need to buy anything. Thanks a lot for your offer though!

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