Selling an alt

i want to sel one of my alts
i never sold a charchter…i kinda spoke with a man from corp about it…
and he told me i need to pay 15usd couse i am the seller
is it cotum for the seller to pay that?
or ther is somthing that the buyer cuts in?
srry for noob

You can still sell via plex. Buy 1k plex, put in your vault on the character being sold, open a support ticket under Billing -> Character transfer. Link the thread from the bazaar, characters name, and destination account name

You are responsible for covering the transfer fee whether its real $$$ or plex.

Is your alt OK with this?

thats why i posted this thread…
i love flyin spaceships…all this forums and micromangemnt aint ma thing :expressionless:

so i want to know what i SHOLDNT do

with what?

shouldn’t ignore the link and read the simple rules

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