Selling 2 old toons low skillpoints

Selling 2 of my old toons, one born 09/2006 and the other 11/2008 with low sp’s on them

first one: EveSkillboard - Mitch96

second: EveSkillboard - dowon81

All rules apply

Please see this to fill in information missing

sorry, what am i missing ? i said all rules apply, that being said chars have positive wallet, no kill rights, no jump clones, located in high sec, i have posted the links… what am i doing wrong ?

You still need to post with the other char that they are for sale. Dowon needs to be in an npc corp.

Sorry, i didn’t want to make two posts… i confirm the sale and atm i am in an npc corp

do you come to these forums just to harass sellers? you don’t represent CCP and you’re incredibly rude so what purpose do you have here other than pointing out the obvious?

i don’t know why he started this with me… anyway thanks for the free bumb



bump! still for sale

bump, 3 bil each


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