Buying a character

I am wanting to buy a Character and and what I want to know is there a way to sell a large amount of plex ingame roughly 30.000 plex at one time and do it safely ? . Are there people or Bankers I should say that would turn that into isk so I may purchase a Character from the bazaar ? .

is it really a question for the section "new players Q and A???

i mean, if you are a new player, don’t focus on buying a character, grow up step by step
If you are an old player with 30k PLEX go to the section of the forum dedicated to selling/buying characters


I have never done this so just looking for advise or information on this hoping maybe there was someone that has that could help if this is not the right place then maybe a forum mod can move it .

The safest is to just sell it on the market.

The PLEX vault is safe so just go to Jita or Perimeter and dump it in the market with “sell immediate” in sizes of the largest order. No risk and a fair price.

Ok thank you I did not know if you could use plex for payment on the bazaar or not I have looked and did not see anything saying you could not but but I guess isk would be preferred method . I did not want to create a wtb post there if it was not allowed to trade plex for a Character . I guess I should have been more precise on what I wanted to know.

There is a pinned message in the Bazaar with character sales rules. Among those is that ISK is the only authorized payment method for character sales, as it can be easily tracked and reversed by the GMs in the event of a sale scam.

Ok will sell on market then thank you.

ok then…don’t

Get some experience with you, the human player controlling the game character, before putting a bunch of money into buying a character you don’t yet know how to control correctly.

Money doesn’t buy experience.


The advice is, dont do this.

Dont do this. Its stupid, you will regret it, and there is nothing that can be gained from this except short-sighted, short-lived joy. Its like Masterbating to your mothers picture. You may get a good feeling for a second or two, but all you feel is regret and shame afterwards.

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i will keep this one in a note and re-use it. I like it!

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