WTB a PVP pilot with 30m-80m SP

I want a pilot which can use most pvp M/G’s ships, and, better without any cap skils.
Buy it for myself.
Ps: hope the SP focused on gunnery, not missiles.

Still looking for it.



How much you looking to spend?

Budget about 40bil now, and perhaps I will purchase more isk for a perfect pilot bro.

information updated, still waiting.

I little lower than your request but a great Minmatar/Angel/Guristas frigate pilot.

Thanks for ur offer m8,
but this pilot cannot reach my except:sweat_smile:
I need a pilot at least can use Talos or Machariel.

Might exactly be what you’re looking for. Highly specialized subcap char.

Might be of interest, Gunnery Focus

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