Triglavian Ships PVE

Anyone know if the Triglavian ships are any good in pve? More to the point I am a carrier pilot ratting in null sec. I keep getting 10/10 escalations that I have to sell off to other people because…well I dont wanna move my carrier 8-9 jumps to do them. I am a returning player, last time I played was before Triglavian ships came out. Needless to say they look cool and I want an excuse to use them… However, they are extremely expensive and seem to me to only be good for pvp in a fleet with other Triglavian pilots.

Anyway the question: Can a Triglavian Battleship or any triglavian ship do a 10/10 site as well or better then other options?

I think for PvE you’ll be better off with any other sub-cap (that isn’t Trglavian). Don’t get me wrong, they are good, very good for PvP but the main benefit is the ramping up of their DPS over time, which makes it possible to break active tanks or to take down high HP targets, like structures (or capitals).

Neither of those two things are factors in the escalations you’ll encounter so if you’ve already got a weapons systems trained up (to T2 weapons) I’d suggest going with a hull that uses that.



I have a rattlesnake is that still one of the best pve ships?

You’ll want to research what sites you’re running and find info on the best ship for the job, but generally a rattlesnake should be fine. I assume you’re just doing highsec missions or combat sites, which you should be a-ok in a rattlesnake.

I want to do 10/10’s angel cartel

You’re good to go.

Triglavian ships are awesome for PvE. Of course, where they really shine is in dual boxing. I think you can make a good case for other ships when rolling solo, but you’d be hard pressed to beat a pair of trigs when dual boxing.

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Yip, a dual rep Leshak with dual TC is a monster when the tank is done well.

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