Gila, Isktar, Rattlensake or Domi?

I’m just returning to the game and kind of curious what folks are rolling around in ratting wise atm.

I see the isktar is still ol’ reliable, butttttt I’m wondering if the name of the game isn’t starting to be DPS and better clear times vs safety and akf.

I’ll be shooting those pesky angels as well.

If you’re talking about running Combat Anomalies in nullsec, this is wrong. Nothing changes and you’ll be fine with either Ishtar or Gila.

I wouldn’t recommend the Rattlesnake mostly because it makes you a bigger target to gankers and bombers. Domi is fine though since the insurance will help cover losses easier.

Rattlesnake and leshaks are awesome. About ganks and bombers, there’s local and Intel to cover y, just don’t afk

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“it depends”


Here is a complete PvE guide for Eve online

  • Use Rattlesnake
  • If you cant use Rattlesnake fly Gila

There arent many reasons to not use these two ships. Sometimes you can abuse the T2 resists of a ship (Ishtar against Serpentis/Guristas) you need mobility (T3C) or you wanna go cheap (Myrmedon/Drake/Domi)
There are defnetly other meme fits that can work and the rattle is super strong, so if you know what you are doing and know how to avoid ganks, then you should propably fly one.

So using the Rattle VS Ishtar, do you have an example fit you’d use VS angels?

Battleship now has 7.3% less Shield Resistance
Minus 17,343 Total EHP
Minus 385 EHP/s Shield Boost

Good Patch CCP !

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Adapt or fail, your choice.

Eve has always been like this.


stop whining, adapt and htfu. It is not so hard

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