Gila or Rattlesnake, for events like the Gala choose no other ship

In every event that has come and gone one ship dominates the field, Gila, the second, rattlesnake, if you plan on doing any of these events just buy a Gila, every event, every time, Gila’s come in and in almost every circumstance they take the kill from everyone on the field.

I’m not mad, but just a word of advice, buy a Gila if your gonna do these events, if a Gila comes into the event just warp away, they will mostly win every time.

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loki wrecks gila on these sites

It depends, The current sites (non VIP) are pretty easy in the Gila and due to the large numbers of frigs i would say Gila (GIla is also cheaper and after for LS/WH ,where I run them) . They are also easy mod since the drones are tanky and just agro by themselves.

The Snake might be better for the VIP sites since you need more tank and gank, Though you might need a couple from what i have seen ( I have not completed a VIP and I don’t really want to take my snakes out of the WH to run one for what is most likely a poor drone anyway, better of running WH sites).

Gun boats are however better at running the Sites in LS since you have more control of your DPS and are more likely to get the last shot on boss.

@JC Mieyli , not a huge fan of T3s for non HS since the SP loss is a pain.

yeah maybe something else better for lowsec but in highsec loki is one of the best
vargur seems overall best tho

Vargur beats them when it comes to actual combat. With barrage ammo you get insane range. A combination of grappler + webifier allows popping orbiting frigates in 1-3 shots. With 2 tracking enhancers and 1 tracking computer you get 100km falloff and that is without even using bastion mode. That being said the Vargur is quite a lot more skill intensive and is slower to travel through systems than the Gila.

Gilas good, but not optimal, a well flown cynabal does the job better.

I sent one of my alts to test in Eos with Besrkers and 1 tracking comp and it stole from the Gilas every single time. Many other ships too (and one angry Raven that shot me and faced the Conkordoken). The only ship that stole a kill from my Eos (it was a BC I think not the Machariel on that occasion) was a Vindicator.

Gila does like 700 DPS , and even though it handles frigates really well, 700 DPS is not enough to do the most damage when faced with a BS or say EOS.
If you wanna get technical about it Vindi is the best ever - it can do 2000+ dps and there’s no other single subcapital that can do more damage.
And the final boss is BC/BS so it applies that 2000 DPS very very well.

its a sub optimal damage type and has a lower scan res than a marauder
i think a vargur will still do the job better imo

My beserker II’s disagree with that statement.

Never got around to flying a Gila. They seriously compare to the Rat?

If you’re doing events I think it’s better cuz of all the warping. Using a snake you gain tank that you don’t need and some dps that gets canceled out by slow aligning and warping.

My expierience over last two years with the current style of events … AC Svipul or AC Loki (even with PvP fit) give best compromise between overall speed (travel, lock, agility) and DPS.

Also doing them in high populated areas in highsec is superior because of other people doing the grind for you. You can complete more sites faster, and don’t have to worry too much about some bling fit. At least for events with equal rewards, Rogue Swarm I did mostly alone in deep end lowsec using my Svipul.

So no other ships in the game have air conditioning. CCPLease give the other ships air conditioning too.

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blaster BS , so you can be sure to get the reward …

Gila for Gala was most optimal. Agility vs DPS
I did push my Gila over 1000+ DPS, but u have to make some investment and make proper fit. No, you don’t have to buy officer modules, deadspace/faction was enough. I was cherry picking the bosses and outdamaging mostly anyone.

Actually the only ship that was issue - Rattlesnakes(Actually I think you can put Vindicator here as well, but didn’t saw any), these ships with proper fit could outdamage me.
I could switch and do 2000+ dps, but considering the speed, aling times, etc - wasn’t any point to do that, coz there wasn’t a lot of Rattles.

Sorry, but I beat out Gilas and Rattlesnakes in a blaster Kronos. A blaster Vindicator would also be tough to beat with the drone complement. You simply can’t match the damage of an overheated blaster Kronos. Now on a Blood or angel event, the Paladin or Vargur would probably dominate. Golems just can’t deliver enough DPS (even wth torpedos) to match the other three Marauders.

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