Besieged Covert Research facility ship/fitting

I’ve been wanting to run these, I’ve had limited success with a t3 but takes way too long.

When I see people run them is usually locals who are comfortable running around their losec neighborhood in Battleships and they also complete the site in a matter of minutes.

Any travel survivable ship/fit suggestions?

You and a friend both flying Gilas should be more than sufficient… even if they were PVP fit Gilas. Keep a wide orbit and let your drones do the work. Be careful to not be scrammed, it’s not unusual for one of you to have to warp off and come back

With the arrival of 5 battleships without reward need to be prepared to receive 1000 dps/sec.
Gila overcome this? I’m not sure.

It’s about do you want to run them safe or you want to run them fast. And by safe or fast I mean use ship that can stay well out of rats point range possibly perma aligned to some celestial (HM Tengu for example) vs stay at zero high dps setup (HAM Tengu, Battleship).

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Yes, you don’t want to face tank them. Keep moving and keep on the edge of their scrambler range. Call primaries to your friend.

Or if you’re able, a carrier works too :smile:

I have used a dual rep pvp fit Deimos, which seems to work well. With the combination of high resists, low sig, high dps and great armor rep it can easily tank the incoming dps. I only used this on about 5 or 6 sights before I gave up due to poor loot drops, so am not sure if it’s viable for long term success.

How poor was the loot?

I’ve used:


Using a carrier really trivializes them. You’re done in like thirty seconds. Barghest is a lot safer and probably what I would recommend. Warp in at 10km, align to a station, activate mjd and missiles. By the time you’re done the MJD is ready to jump you back to the loot.

Ishtar works… ok’ish but not great. VNI doesn’t really work that well and the Loki works fine but you have to be in the rat’s disruptor range and that kind of sketches me out.

The loot is OK. You usually get 20-30 mil for very short work. I basically just do them when they show up in my home constellation. I don’t think they’re worth going out and hunting for specifically. They’re better thought of as a nice change of pace to break up the monotony of whatever you usually do. They’re worth being prepared for when they show up but not worth hunting for. Also they drop blueprints that are worth building yourself even if you aren’t an indy guy.

Out of about 5 sites in the past couple days, about 80m isk worth of covert research tools, wildly random faction ammo and missiles, one low grade virtue gamma, which hypothetically sells for 100m but has 0 market (highest buy in game is like 10m), and absolutely garbage 30 day skins.

Maybe better implants drop occasionally, it would be nice.

I havent seen the first bpc drop yet in 5 sites. Not sure what kinds are on the loot table.

Really the ammo makes it worth the trouble to me, since a few(3-4) random stacks drop every site, and some of its rare. (Just got a stack of domination nuclear L which goes for 5k/round)

I’d say running 5 in rapid succession is fairly good indicator of what to expect for averages, since being losec, multiple conditions have to be lined up in your favor to be able to run even one.

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