Solo Besieged Covert Research Facility

I’m looking for a good fit under 400m for a battleship to run Besieged Covert Research Facilities solo, I’d prefer it be a Praxis or a Raven, if they’re useful for that.

Please not too expensive fits because I’m not rich yet hahahaha

I’ve seen a few posts about those sites but they’re all pre-resist nerf so I’m looking for a more updated one.

My advise would be to take a smaller ship like a Gila or a HAC to do those sites solo. The Raven is okay and the Praxis has many options to play with but battleships are slow and easy prey.

You will encounter many cruiser sizes targets and only some battleships if I remember correctly. You don’t need to worry much about the battleships in those sites.
Most of the damage will be missile based, so moving around a lot will keep the incoming damage low and easy to repair, whichever you decide to fly.
I hope those weird new components you need to make ships now won’t make ship price tags in-affordable.

The Rook would be a good ship. She is not a HAC but if you like to be sneaky, the Rook has everything you want.
Very long range heavy missiles, a nice passive shield regeneration tank, infinite mwd capacitor and you don’t even appear on a D-scan.
The downside(s) is (are), you don’t have a cloak, so any gate-camp and you go back to get a new boat and the mwd speed is slower than a plated amarr titan with a capital higgs-anchor rig on.


Cerb can do it (slowly)

Besieged sites put out a solid chunk of DPS and they tank very well. Cruise should work relatively well against the BS and alright against the cruisers if you have a TP

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Autocannon tempest should work make sure to run them in Onne

If you’re going to use a Heavy Assault Cruiser (as others have suggested), I highly recommend practicing in Singularity.

I really struggled to tank the damage.

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That sounds really interesting.

I can fly both a Cerberus and a Sacrilege. Would you mind sharing any fits for that ones?

I’m also a couple days of training away from flying a Rook, so a fit for that one would be great too, not being killed in LS is a great plus.

A 1+B faction fit Raven can solo and efficiently complete these w/o ever getting locked down, which is essential if you intend to seriously run them. If you intend to seriously farm them, you MUST have it worked out solid to run the site aligned to safe while never get pointed it takes awhile to get unstuck. I don’t see a praxis doing these sites, not well anyway.

My old loki x-large x-type before nerfs ran them as good as anything sub-BS but still came close on tank, and couldn’t do it w/o spending time pinned down. My one loss to locals jumping in with perfect timing and warping straight onto me scratched out 10+ sites worth of loot, few 100 mil loot next to 2.2B loki.

These sites are fun, and the loot is flashy, but not enough to risk the hardware it takes to do them well which is why other than as a novelty they’re best left to the locals who farm them under backup umbrellas.

I’ve done alot of them, and serious, as a solo player they are simply a novelty the chessboard is ultimately set stacked against you.

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I’d suggest not doing them at all. Their loot is generally garbage.

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