Solo hunting fits - hunting Tengus (and others) in low-sec

So… hypothetically, if someone wanted to get into solo-hunting T3Cs and maybe BCs or T1 BSs in low-sec, what would be a good beginning ship or a good fit to aim for?

I’m living the solo life in Caldari low-sec, exploring and ratting combat signatures (DEDS, escalations and chemical sites) and find I’m having a bit of competition, particularly from Tengus, coming in and getting onto those sites first. For a bit of fun and the challenge of it, I wouldn’t mind having a shot at trying to hunt them instead of the rats. What would be a good ship (or general ship fit - DPS, ehp/s etc…) to have or to train into?

I’m mostly Caldari skilled - level 5 in most shield skills, T2 in light missiles and heavy missiles (level 4 in HAMs), but can also fit T2 armour in the next few days. Drones are T2 light, and level 4 on mediums and heavies. My skill plan is currently training towards flying a Tengu myself within the next two months. Currently, I’m ratting in a Praxis and a Drake and with the way I have them fitted they work fine for PvE, but I don’t think they are cut out for PvP hunting as they are.

What would be a good starting ship or fit to begin trying to hunt down those Tengus and others? Hopefully nothing too expensive (<400 miilionish), as I imagine I’ll lose a few before I have any real success. Can I just refit the Praxis and have a fighting chance, or should I look at an entirely different ship?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Do you have any gun skills? If all missiles, I’d suggest the cerb if you can fly HACs.

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Yeah nah, no real gun skills to speak of (medium hybrid turrets to 3 is my best one). I’ll have a look at the Cerberus and what I need to train to get into it - thanks!

What about drones? Arbitrators or curse are pretty good at this. Curse is pretty solid for the extra tank, nuet bonuses and ofc that d-scan immunity.

But both can nuet really well shut down most single targets if fit with the right disruptors, and a lot of pve ships melt fast when their cap dries out.

I haven’t done this in a while and I did it mostly in null so the meta may be a bit different but it worked pretty well and when using arbitrators the cost was pretty low compared to the faction and dead space loot a lot of those ships fit.

I also hunted mostly cruisers but I imagine the disruption would be more effective against BB even if arbitrator nuets might not be strong enough to shut off the tank of some BB fits quickly.

Thanks, I’ll have a look at them as well. I think it’s more time to train into the Curse than the Cerberus for me, but I should be able to start playing with an Arbitrator almost straight away (and the price is definitely right too).

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Neuts in the highs, drones in the skies, can’t lose!


Tengus seem like a loot piñata:) following thread to see what you do! Happy hunting! :pirate_flag:

Hmmm, I’m interested too in finding a decent anti-tengu fit that emphasizes drones and missiles or drones and neuts.

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