Solo suggestions

I am looking for a ship for solo PVP (pref cruiser hull) that has a wide target selection from frigate to BS. I am not entirely new to PVP it’s just been a few years. Also this is fornullsec and have almost perfect subcap skills

Odds are that whatever you are up to, the Gila will fit the role. It’s kind of the answer to all problems in EVE these days.

T3 Strategic Cruisers also have a wide range of applications.

Oï mate !

I see you want to start in solo PVP. That’s great ! I’m currently also trying to solo in a Wolf Attack Frigate, catched some AFK people but it doesnt work too well for now. Eh, I’ll get better !

Concerning your question, it mostly depend on your skills. The Arbitrator can be a good hull if you have some training in EWAR, Amarr ships and most importantly : drones.
Tell us what weapon systems you like, how you generally want to play it (in-your-face style, kitting, etc).

Expensive, but could be fun to play.

I don’t have a particular style i’m looking for really. I seem just looking for something that does not have a limited target selection. I can relearn three rest. That being said i am definitely more comfortable with missile and shields but not limited to them. I have perfect missile, gunnery, shield, and armor skills. Needs some work on ewar and will have perfect drone skills in 2 months

You then have access to very good hulls.
You could try Vexor/Myrmidon/Dominix. Your perfect skills in Armor and soonish Drones will help you a lot, and since all those ships can choose the damage they are dealing by switching drones, you basically can shoot anything without having the wrong damage.
Vexor can be used for a faster style, going around nullsec to take potshot at unsuspecting targets, it will be harder with Dominix and Myrm.

If I’m not mistaken, missiles can be quite hard to use in PVP because of travel time and delayed damage when compared to turrets, but consistency of damage if they reach and hit is appreciable. Mordus Legion ships could be, interesting since they have missile that travel extremely fast, almost instantly.


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