Dif 1-5 escalation grinding build high sec Gallente

Howdy, Im new to the game and would like to solo grind some escalations/ combat sites and am looking for a good build to do it faster. Id like to keep it under 50mil and right now im running a 10mil catalyst amor tank/ railgun build but it just seems to slow and would like to try some other builds. The sheer amount of equipment is overwhelming in this game and am looking for a push in the right direction lol.



Hey @Ninj0r :wave:

Welcome! Can you elaborate more on your skillset? Can you use drones, lights, mediums? Are you skilled into Gallente cruisers? Making assumptions here since you can already fly the Catalyst? I think a Vexor is a good choice, but the Gila is even better if you can hop into one of those. I also like the Worm for finding escalations and then hopping into the Gila to actually do them.

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I only have like 1.2k skill points mostly in Engineering, Armor, gunnery. I just unlocked cruisers and was going to try the Thorax.

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The fastest way to run combat sites would be a Jackdaw with auto-targeting missiles, which means you don’t even have to lock the targets to shoot, it does everything on it’s own ! It can also run the escalations you get, so very nice ship. Corax works too but you probably cannot run every escalation.

I’ve actually never used hybrid weapons because from what I’ve heard they’re pretty bad for PVE and for that reason I don’t encounter a lot of them in combat sites. The best weapons for PVE are missiles and drones, so as stated above, Gila, Vexor and Worm are all very good choices and beginner friendly ships. You can also get a Corax or a Caracal if you’re more into missiles

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