Solo L3 Gallente mission running ship options?

Tried running L3 security missions in Vexor but either my skills are just too low (5.6 mil SP) or my tanking/dps was not high enough for some missions.
What would be a good ship you guys think for L3?

Also are the combat sites in high sec worth doing, and if yes what ship to use?

Thanks in advance.

Vexor and Ishtar are easily able to do them. You can also use a Talos with Rails and snipe the missions.

Usually not but you can get lucky and get an escalation to a 3/10 or 4/10, which can payout handsome sums.

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You just need more time and space before your Vexor will be up to the task. In regards to combat sites, do the refuges now (can escalate to 3/10 sites with a chance of a nice drop and your Vexor should handleif careful) or the Dens (can escalate to a 5/10 which you cannot do at this time, need T3 or Marauder).

You just need to keep skilling up and, yes, the wait can be a pain. At least you could drop isk for a skill injector if you are in a hurry.

if your an alpha your next ship choice is the Gnosis

if your paid your next basic drone-ship upgrade options
are Myrmidon (BC) -> Dominix (BS)

if you feel like spending a little more $ in the market a navy vexor & dominix are decent ships too
Ishtar (HAC) is also a viable option, its a T2 hull so lots of extra training is needed for it.

combat sites in highsec are generally fairly low on the rewards due to the risk/reward scaling used.

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Thank you all.

I’ll keep on skilling up (omega here) and also will increase my distance between my ship and enemy ships next time. Think I was bit too close at 20-25km range and the frigates were almost on me from the start.

A dual-rep omnitanked Myrmiddon will make easy work of L3s and most L4s. Note that the rats will eat Heavy Drones like there’s no tomorrow, so you might want to stick to lights/mediums while moving and sentries if you are stationary.

Normal progression for Gallente would be Myrmidon for level 3 and Dominix for Level 4. If you favor guns over drones the Brutix would be a good choice (or the Brutix Navy Issue if it’s in your budget)

The Gnosis is also an excellent choice, I used one for level 3 missions and, with the role bonuses it is a lot more forgiving of lower skill.

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I love running L3s in a Vexor Navy Issue. Pack along a mobile tractor unit and 5 salvage drones, in addition to your combat drones, and you can run the missions and clean up all the crumbs.
Maybe not the fastest or most efficient way to run missions, but still fun and lucrative.

But skill up first. Make sure your drone skills are 4s and 5s before you undock.

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I used to run level III’s in my algos so I’m guessing a standard PvE gile would murder them.

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Not the best idea / advice considering the OP has 5.6 mil SP and is looking form something right now, not at some point in the future. With that said Rivr is correct when you have the SP and gained more experience the Vexor is a capable level 3 ship and the Ishtar is the lazy mans way to run level 3’s and yes I know this because I use one and I use it because lazy.

Gila is an excellent idea for the future. Again since the OP is looking for something right now for a 5.6 mil SP character perhaps this is not the best advice.

In the end I have to go with Kitty Bear and Do Little here. Myrmidon is the next logical step for a character that has skills trained for a Vexor. The Gnosis is always a good option for lower SP characters because the entry level (SP wise) is so low. That and it is a solid and extremely flexible ship that can be refit over time for many different tasks.


I always did like the myrmidon, I’m probably going to turn my old one into an Eos just because it deserves an upgrade :smiley:


Thank guys for all the help


I have flown the EOS on SiSi yesterday, after years not having flown any command ships. I hear ya <3

My only issue with the Eos is you need to max Command Ships to get that awesome 37.5% Heavy Drone tracking bonus, while you get that for free on the Ishtar. That being said, you probably want to max Command Ships anyways if you ever intend to run as a Booster in fleets, so it’s definitely not a waste to do so.

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id just use a brutix with rails it should beat all level 3s easily even with moderate skills

Which is why I directed all I said about the Eos to Corraidhin.

My advice would be the Myrmidon or the Brutix. It all depends on what you like better, drones or guns. Both will do all level 3 just fine.

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thanks again

How are you flying the Algos tactics wise? I’m soon moving into destroyer but aim for battleship when I get the isk.

It was quite a while back but I think I focused on drones skills first (i.e. get 5 tech II scout drones in space). With this in mind I was in an AB rail fit to kite at about 25KM at full speed whilst drone killing everything. Rails with antimatter for anything at about 5km (closer needed the drones to hit), Iron for things out to ~35km I think, and lead if my cap was running low.

It wasn’t the fastest way to clear level III’s but it was certainly doable in a very young character. I’m pretty sure it was a looted junk meta fit too so a dedicated rail kiting fit would work much better. I also ran the SoE arc in the Algos without issue.

The Algos is still one of my favourite ships,such a versatile destroyer for a newer player to try.

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I will check into kiting. Something along orbit at 25km from something stationary in the center of the reds?