Hookbill PVE fitting for level 3 mission running

Hello ^^

So im new player and im doing the mission running and im planning on buying the caldari navy hookbill
and i was wondering if any one can help me out to fit this ship for level 3 mission run or if there a better ship for level 3 mission run ?

thank you ^^

Battlecruisers are way batter than a frigate for level 3 missions. With a frigate, you will sit hours on some L3 missions in the best case, or lose your ship without any progress in the worst case.

hookbill can run l3 just fit it for range
you might need a signature amplifier but it has the range and damage to complete l3s

oops i meant signal amp but i just looked it up in pyfe and it seems a range fitted hookbill should beat l3s just fine
use light missiles and a sebo

how about caracal navy issue or the normal caracal ?

You can do lvl 3 missions in a Hookbill but … there are lots of reasons not to, let me list some of them here and there are also lots of other much better suited ships for it.

In general, missions, mind you this is in general, not always:
lvl 1 = frigate
lvl 2 = destroyer
lvl 3 = cruiser
lvl 4 = battleship

Running L3s in a Hookbill as a new player with low skills will be eitehr very difficult, or so time consuming that it is not worth it. In addition, there are some L3s that you won’t me able to do at all until you get your skills mostly to 5s and even then they can be a PITA.

You can fit your Hookbill for long range and basically “missile snipe” while staying out of harms range, but that, with low skills and thus not optimum DPS + movement, is exactly and precisely what will take you extremely long time to clear a mission to the point where its completely not worth it. In addition, there are some missions that spawn mobs on top of you or land you in the middle of them including webs, scrams, neuts. You will not be able to do those.

I highly recommend you jump into a Gnosis, until your skills train high enough to switch to something better. Gnosis is a special battlecruiser designed to be flown by new players with low or very low skills. Look into it. It is also a very flexible ship that will become more effective as you gain skills, and its relatively cheap. Later on you can even jump into a Praxis, but beware Praxis get often ganked just for their looks :slight_smile:

If you are going to focus on PvE, and are coming up from Caldari ships, focus on Gila, then Rattlesnake. Basically train your Caldari ships stuff to max, then crossover and train Gallente cruisers and Battleships and drones.

I’ll post some Gnosis fits for you in a bit.

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thank you very much that’s what i was looking for but i had no one to help me even my corp

i will start with Gnosis i have all the skills for it i will just save up tp buy it and start to fit for the missions

it will really help out if you can link me or post some fitting for Gnosis
thank you very much for the help ^^

it depends what you want to do with it
gnosis is an open book in a way that you can use any weapon system or tank you choose

No problem, BTW, if this is the case, you should really switch corps. Seriously.

OK, below is a Gnosis fit:

[Gnosis, Beginner Gnosis for L3s]

Pro-Nav Compact Missile Guidance Enhancer
F-89 Compact Signal Amplifier
Mark I Compact Power Diagnostic System
Crosslink Compact Ballistic Control System
Crosslink Compact Ballistic Control System
Crosslink Compact Ballistic Control System

Large Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
Large F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender
Large C5-L Emergency Shield Overload I
Adaptive Invulnerability Field I
50MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
Medium Micro Jump Drive

Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I
Small Tractor Beam I

Medium Processor Overclocking Unit I
Medium Semiconductor Memory Cell I
Medium Warhead Rigor Catalyst I

Salvage Drone I x5
Hammerhead I x5
Caldari Navy Inferno Heavy Assault Missile x300

A bit about this fit and how to play / use it:

  1. Its super, super cheap. This whole thing is around 50 mil. Actually under 50 mil but when you load additional ammo etc. it will go a bit over, so once again, super cheap.

  2. Relies on Missles and Shields, primary Caldari skills, since you are Caldari you should benefit much more from this then armor fits, however, IMHO armor fit Gnosis are a lot better then shield fit Gnosis because of the way layout works out.

  3. All T1, not a single T2 or high skill requirement module was used. You can jump in it right away, or at least very soon if you still need to train something to be able to equip it.

Ship is cap stable except when your shield booster runs. You will get only about 3-4 minutes of shield booster, maybe even less depending on your skills / implants. But its ok, that is enough time to hard tank something or a group of ships, when you get to about 30-40% capacitor, use the MJD (Micro Jump Drive) to jump away. That is why its there and its very important that you time it and use it. In fact, use it on anything at any time that it looks like you won’t be able to handle.

This fit is good for L2 and L3 missions. L2 its actually a bit too big and thus a bit too slow, but you will clear them ultra fast. Do not use it on L4s. You do not have the DPS or tank for L4s.

You will also need to train some basic drone skills to be able to use medium drones, and some salvage and salvage drone skills. This will provide you with quite a bit of extra income for starter. Salvage the L3s, not the L2s as their salvage is too low in value to spend the time on them.

IF you can’t fit everything because you lack the CPU or Powergrid skills, scale down the shield booster from large to medium. After that, you can get CPU and Powergrid implants, get the cheap ones like 3%, they may help and be of use to you no matter which ship you jump into. Likewise with capacitor implants.

After that, play around with the fit itself in the in-game simulator, if you change rigs, make sure you leave that Rigor rig in place unless you switch out of missiles into a different weapon type.

If you want to go long range, switch out the Heavy Assault Missile Launchers for Heavy Missile Launchers. Check out different ammo for them, just load it up in the simulator and move mouse over the loaded active launchers, it will show you their range etc. Keep in mind, the longer range you go, the less DPS you will do and this can get to the point where again you will just kill stuff too slow or in some cases be unable to kill it at all.

If you are very short on capacitor, switch out the MWD (Micro Warp Drive) for a 10 MN Afterburner. If you go with the Monoprepellant it will give you more capacitor, if you go with Compact you will save a ton on powergrid / CPU. Again, play with it in the simulator.

When in the simulator, expand all panes such as offense, defense, navigation, etc., so you can see how much cap you will use, how much DPS you will do, how much your resists and shields are, what your active and passive shield regen is at etc. Plug different modules into it and see the difference.

On Missiles:

  1. Make sure you keep at bare minimum 1 Rigor rig + Missile Computer with Precision Script, or Missile Guidance Enhancer, or you won’t be able to kill small targets quick enough or they will consume too much ammo and seriously dip into your beginner ISK. 2 Rigor rigs + 1 computer or enhancer is much better, but you can’t fit that yet with low skilsl without dipping too much into tank or DPS or cap.

  2. Use different ammo types. Bring it with you in your cargo and reload/switch even mid combat as necessary. You will want some long range ammo, some short range high DPS ammo, some auto missles.

  3. Train at least a little bit into auto missiles and bring some with you. This is for those times the mobs will use Dampeners or ECM on you. You can just load it up and then thin them out to be able to handle the rest using regular ammo. Auto missiles do really low DPS so do not use them as mainstay, only for these situations.

  4. Train into missle support skills, such as prediction, velocity, etc. Missle velocity is very important or you won’t be able to place good hits on fast targets, as well as use a lot of extra missle rounds.

As your skills go up, equip better modules. I highly recommend you train capacitor, cpu, powergrid, navigation skills for afterburner and micro warp drive ASAP. Then go for T2 missile launchers and T2 adaptive shield hardeners and T2 shield resistance amplifiers.

When you train drone skills, dont get hung up on light drones, go straight for mediums and heavies. Medium valkyries can hit small targets just as well as light drones can but do less DPS if their targets have high explosive resistance, medium hammerheads do most DPS but have trouble hitting small targets unless you specifically fit your ship for it.

Hope this helps you out a bit, try it all out, if you get hung up on something come back and ask, post some specific fits, situations, etc. for more specific answers.


it is really a good help thank you very much

+1 for looking for a new corp as stated by Fluffy Moe, your corp should be the first place you go to for help.

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will i dont have all the skill it will take 2 or 3 days to finish all the skill for every thing but i cant train the salvage drones cuz it requires omega clone state to use it and i dont know when im gonna get it but in general it will take 2 days to finish skill training

and thx again

sorry to say that but they didnt even finish my joining application how you want them to help me with this

You said yourself you didnt get any help from your corp, you didnt say you had only put in a application to join one. Oh well nvm :eyes:

Hopefully once your application goes through and you are part of the corp they will get you set up. On the side note, you may want to put a few $$ into the game, not becoming Omega but just getting some alpha skill injectors to get yourself off the ground in a more immediate fashion.

You get best use out of any skill injectors before you hit 10 million skill points. After that, they start having diminishing returns, the higher skill points you have the less you get per injector. IMHO when you hit 60+ million SP they are not worth using at all.

Not too long ago I made an alt that I used injectors on, specifically its engineering and navigation skills and some tank. Left rest to train as I am not fully decided on which direction I’ll take it in.

Get a drake if you want missiles

i finished my application and they did helped me alot so all ok now thx for evey thing ^^

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