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Anybody have a good fit for doing T1’s with a gallente ship? I’m Omega with approx $114 million isk and some PLEX.

Currently doing T0 in a catalyst. Seems missiles are better than turrets and I’d like to stay away from drones if possible.


I don’t have a good fit, but I can share some general guidance. If you’re adamant about avoiding drones, then I’ll say- missiles are a solid choice for PvE.

However, if you want to be flexible between PvE and PvP- I suggest skilling toward turrets as a better overall choice.

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Thanks, I don’t have any inclination to do PvE but gallante dies not do missions it seems so… how long of a range can there be with hybrid turrets?

Hate to learn new ship skills all over again

So, I’m terms of range, you’ll probably have to use the in-game fitting simulator for exact numbers, but you should be aware that your range is very dependent on ammo type/equipment. In the end, you’ll have to make a choice between: long range or high dps, or some sweet spot in the middle.

Also, I totally get that you don’t want to invest in skills you’ll end up never using, but to make the best choice- you really should try different things out. I suggest that you level the different weapon skills to level 2 or 3 (which shouldn’t take very long at all)- and test it out. If you enjoy the play style- and want to get better, only then should you skill to lvl 5. Not a big deal if you have some level 3 skills you never use since it’s not much of a loss.

Passive shield, rapid light missile launcher , drone boat Gnosis. Same ship but with active tank for level 3 missions. Than sentry drones Dominix (range tank). After that = Rattlesnake + Machariel.

T1 Gallente, 100m ISK: Get some Thoraxes and try Railguns and Blasters. If you want to do T1 Filaments, also get an MTU. You’ll bring a set of light drones, but your main weapon should be hybrid guns.
Another nice T1 cruiser is a Bellicose (Minmatar Cruiser) which can fit missile launchers.

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