Pvp and gas

Im curious about two things. Can i pvp in T1 frigates? I also have intrest in gas harvesting. Any tips on how to scan them in lowsec? My venture cant seem to get any site past 60%.
I am currently alpha with plans to go omega in a month or two.

Thanks in advance.

PvP in T1 frigates.
They are one of the dominant ship classes in faction warfare and I suspect reasonably common elsewhere.
They are competitive. They are also cheap - you can afford to take fights on because you can afford to lose.
Train the relevant skills - especially the relevant Racial Frigate skill.
Try it.

Scanning down gas clouds.
I assume you are using a scanning ship, such as the Heron or a Magnate. If you are scanning with the Venture you are going to have a problem. If you are already using a T1 explorer then it’s down to training the scanning skills and practice. There are mid-slot modules and rigs that can help improve scanning performance.

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Thanks for the info!

As a gallente, what gallente ships would you reccomend i start with? I have about 97% of the core skills (including the frigate skill) learned, so fitting them properly shouldnt be a problem.

T1 solo frigate pvp is rock paper scissors.

There is no “one” ship, even gallente that would fall into the category of being the best.

Tristans are quite popular for kiting.

I use a dual prop incursus for anti-kiting. Along with a beam tormentor.

Rifter is pretty good at brawling. The dual web merlin is my favorite for brawling tbh.

Some people use executioners for kiting. (I don’t kite myself). Though recently I had a nasty surprise when someone brawled me in one!

So I guess the question is, what kind of engagements are you looking to do?

Here is a link to the EvE 2020 Frigate Year Book. It will give you the lowdown on all the frigates, and which engagements they are best suited for. I highly recommend taking a look at it.


PvPing in T1 frigates is good fun. I still do it myself.

The Atron has a special place in my heart. Between that and the Incursus you should have options to fly Gallente frigates and have different fits for different piloting styles.

If you’re not trained into T2 guns, that’s what I would suggest prioritizing skill wise for your PvP ASAP.


When I started playing EVE, the Rifter was the hottest T1 Frig, but as you can see - if you like a ship, give it a try, and build/buy a dozen.
At the moment I have much fun in a Vigil in PvP, not particularly solo, but in fleets. And if you do small ship fleets, T1 Logi frigs are welcome, too.

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Firstly, for a scanning ship then the Imicus is your best option.

OK, confession time: I’m Amarrian. I don’t know Gallente ships very well.
It depends on personal preference: if you prefer drones then the Tristan is probably a good bet as it can field a full flight of five light drones and has a good damage bonus to them. Drones allow you to fight at range, but you can be defanged. The Incursus looks like the Gallente gunboat - though the dependence on an active repairer to keep you in the fight would worry me. But I’m Amarrian, we get bonuses to resistance, not repair. Think “Gold Bricks”.

If you were Amarrian, then I’d be suggesting the Punisher, heavy tank and a good damage output. You rather have to rely on killing a target before they realise you don’t have them pinned down - the Punisher only has two mid-slots so finds range control hard. I’d also tell you to look at the Tormentor as “the prawn” is quite capable in the right hands.

The Atron looks to be the equivalent of the Executioner - light on damage, relies on being nimble for defence and can keep something locked down indefinitely (the T1 equivalent of an Interceptor).

As a quick pointer: Generally the guide is T1 ships are modest generalists. Navy variants are more capable generalists, Pirate ships are good generalists. T2 ships are highly capable specialists - but outside their specialism are a liability and T3 hulls are capable flexible platforms. The Cruiser T3s you preconfigured before engagement, the Destroyer T3s can change their posture during a fight.

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For Gallente newbies I’d actually recommend against the Tristan because the drone skills are a nice-to-have, but for a newb wanting to get into an already diverse skill requirement that is PvP and gas, adding drone skills would be too much IMO.

That’s why I only recommended the Atron and Incursus.

Fair enough - that makes a lot of sense.
Generally I’ve viewed Gallente as being more drone focused than hybrids - though I personally prefer hybrids (as I’ve good turret skills). As such I felt the Tristan would be OK as he would already have drone skills.

Its odd, I was initially a drone focused Amarrian pilot going down the Dragoon/Arbitrator/Prophecy route. Then I discovered how much more fun Energy Weapons are.

As a newer player it’s probably best to pick ships that are slightly less mental-cycle intensive at the start. Use the frigate guide you were linked, it’s amazing. Look for ships that are buffer tanked at first and fairly cap stable. Then in fights you only need to worry about where your ship is as the modules will mostly take care of themselves. As you get more comfortable with actually being in space, you can add more active tanked ships and more drones etc., stuff that needs more control.

As others have stated, I would choose to try and fit an atron or incurses. Use a venture to mine gas.

An alternate way (if you don’t want to omega) of being able to mine gas better is to get a procur or endurance expert skill system.

It will allow you to test out the skills (and see) the skills you need inorder to fit the next level of gas mining ship wise (from a venture to procure for example) along with give you an idea of the amount of isk you need to get said ship.

Instead of paying the omega price, you can get an expert system cheaper, and test things out. If you don’t like gas mining then maybe move on to something else or make another alpha clone.

Just an idea.

I mine gas as a good source of income along with do faction warfare in cheap ships (and get ships made for newer players in my fleets if they need them) message me ingame if you ever want to join in or want more tips! :slight_smile:

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