Amarr pvp frigate

what is the most popular/effective amarr t1 or faction frigate for PVP? although I rarely gets into fights, I am planning to try faction war again. so far I liked the executioner and want to try the slicer.

people suggested the tormentor before however I fell like its inferior than the executioner in speed and inferior in armour comparing to the punisher.

also planning to have a duel with my friend some times later, don’t want to get beat up by him :wink: thanks.


Imperial Navy Slicer is a beast of a long-point kiter, but most people will probably understand whether they can kill you or not, so it could be harder to get fights.

Tormentor is definitely a top tier T1 Frigate. You can probably find some good fights, and maybe even win some that you wouldn’t expect. It’s a scram-kite set up, so either use the FW gates to get tackle on long kiters as they enter sites, or use scram+web to kite close up fits and kill with beam+drones from a safe distance.

So yeah, Tormentor.


according to the data in this handbook, amarr ships sucks a lot in fw. :frowning:

guess I have to train gallente and drone skills for the Tristan then. however I have no experience in using drones, and very limited experience with gallente ships(only used the Incursus to rat for 2 times).

but still, I like lasers more. never reload.

That’s not really true. In FW you mostly end up using Imperial Navy or T2 lenses, which burn out after 4000 shots.

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I wonder what makes gallente ships(comet, Tristan, incursus) so popular and so good in 1v1 fights though? I known blasters are high dps, but is pvp all about dps?

PVP is moreso about anticipating what fit the person who just showed up on D-scan is going to be running, which requires knowledge of the popular fits for all frigates.

The Comet’s the best brawler because of it’s DPS, tracking and tankyness. Very few people are going to engage that with a brawling fit or a scramkiting fit If anything they’d try to take it with a kiting fit. I’d engage that in a LML/longpoint breacher.

The Tristan benefits a lot from versatility with one of the nastier builds featuring two compact neuts and a compact nos, with a propmod and a scramweb on the side, using just the drones for damage. However it has so many decent fits that no one can really pin down what it will be until the fight starts, and for that reason people often try to avoid it.

The Incursus is nice because of it’s slot layout and it’s hull bonuses, particularly the bonus to active armor repairs. In combination with good resists that can be quite potent. I like it the most out of the tier 1 brawler hulls in any case. I’d take that on in a scramkiter or a kiter.

Or you could fly what you want, not whats popular

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true, but my skills is still inferior comparing to many other good players, if a ship is popular, and many other people fly it, it should also be good.

Well yeah I guess it does make sense to learn with the meta first, true.

soooo, any suggestions for fits? my current executioner is fitted like this:

[Executioner, useable t2 fit]
IFFA Compact Damage Control
200mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates
Heat Sink I

Initiated Compact Warp Scrambler
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

Small Focused Pulse Laser II
Small Focused Pulse Laser II
Small Focused Pulse Laser II

Small Trimark Armor Pump I
Small Trimark Armor Pump I
Small Ancillary Current Router I

Conflagration S x6

yeah, I trained into tech 2 stuff. the fit is expensive but I think it will do well.

look amarr its kinda bad because they have to few medium slots
to be good at pvp a ship has to have at leas 3 mediums for range control (afterburner / scram / web for example)
that being said the Executioner / Navy slicer and the Tormentor are the way to go
i really like the coercer more than the frigs

" i wish the coercer had 3 medium slots so i can put 3 webs " :stuck_out_tongue:

fit looks good at first glance
conflag is a high dps LOW track ammo
you need to have some imperial navy multi for fast ships
i tend to use 3 or 4 ammo types in my ships, changing to the best ammo in real time is one of the best amarr advantages

Guess you didn’t like the Punishers I gave you, eh? Ok, so be it.
Punisher can be a little brick. Tough but a bit slow. Probably best in groups where someone else can point (disable ability to warp out) them.

:open_mouth: tutu!


i luv it
i like the punisher , a lot, but that 2 medium slots damm, like the retri

i was just sayijng the hard things to the guy @Xuxe_Xu :heart:

amarr is the best :smiley:

but i really like the coercer more than the frigs, i have a looot of punishers in the base because you can put 21 in a DST LOL
the best laser frig to me its the succubus , but , its to expensive , you can get a omen for the same price and i think is moar bang for the buck
the suc and the cruor are luxury items

BTW WHO put the miners in my hangar??? they are not mine!!! :wink:

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I will direct you towards the authority figures on that particular subject, @Aldrith_Shutaq and @Gah_Matar .

I hope they will forgive me for posting these, but the best way to learn how to fit a specific hull is to figure out who uses these ships a lot, and see what they’re flying. Both of these guys fly Amarr ships in Faction Wars on a daily basis, and have done so for several years. I’d consider their wisdom in their field easily on par with the level of authority I designate to Cheryl Taylor when it comes to Breacher fits.

For instance, here we have a Slicer as flown by Aldy:

And here we have a Slicer as flown by Gah’matar:

As you can see there are functionally very little differences between these two. If I had to choose one I would probably go with Gah’matar as I am a Nanofiber enthusiast. If you’re going to kite, mobility comes first, firepower second, and survivability third. That’s just me.

Now as for the Executioner, I know for a fact that Gah’matar flies that one a lot because he’s going for the number one spot on the leaderboard for that. His most recent fit for that purpose is:

I liked the punisher, but I think the executioner fits me more.

faction is cool, T2 is fun, its what you want to do: Lots of fights then pick a t1 ship. lots of loss’s go faction faction brings out the wolf pack. Few fights but mostly wins go t2.

ok thanks, guess I will stick to t1 for now, faction stuff is some how ever more expensive than tech 2

Because Faction ammunition does not have a debuff to Range and Application.

what is the highest meta fit for t1 executioner?