Amarr ships - advice? (Which cruiser to pick, what skills to get, good N.Armageddon fitting?)

Hey guys,

I started off as Minmatar for lore reasons, but find the Amarr ships the most gorgeous in the game. My main goal is to end with a Navy Armageddon just because I’m super inlove with the design. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I wanted to ask some advice, as most that I find ranges between 2012 and 2017 on the internet.

I’ll write below in bold what I’m looking for help/advice with, and what I’d hope to do!

I have a Gallente Myrmidon as my ‘main’ ship for now, and I do really enjoy drones… But I want something more! I don’t want to be tied down to JUST drones and while my least favourite (of like… ‘coolness’) is lasers, the designs of the Amarr are just too gorgeous for me to deny!

I would like to stick with a ‘pretty’ design, which for me falls in ships like Maller, Omen and Armageddon etc. Anyway, ranting over, look below!

Oh, and… For now, I’m Alpha! If I can actually get into the game more, I’ll buy Omega. :3

Best cruiser

What is the best Amarr cruiser? I hear the Arbitrator is the main choice, but I really don’t like the way it looks and yes, that does matter to me haha. I do like the looks of the Maller and moreso the Omen and am even willing get an Omen Navy Issue if it’s really good.

I’d love to combine drones with actual weapons, not just one or the other, but I know that may be hard. I can JUST barely afford the Navy Issue thanks to some friends, but I’ll need to be able to outfit it, and I get that.

If you have advice on which cruiser, I’d love to hear why and what skills to get! I’m not looking for a support cruiser again, as my Myrmidon is basicly that.

Good loadout for Navy Armageddon

While I’m suuuuper far off, I’d love to hear for some effective N.Armageddon builds, preferably combo of drones and weapons, not one or the other. I’ve trained up drones (Gallente ones) fairly well and I’m assuming that goes well with the lasers of Amarr, so they have two different kinds of damage? Please correct me if I’m wrong!

Best skills to train

In general, while I try to do missions and save up for the Navy Armageddon, what is the best kind of skills to get? My eventual longest dream is a carrier, but for now it’s the N. Armaggedon battleship!

Sadly I wasted some of my time and points to train with getting the Myrmidon and minimal hybrid weapons and some weapons for the Minmatar, as well as training up to cruiser with them. I do have quite a good drone training though, specialized in Gallente ones!

Thank you sooo much for reading and thanks for the help! :blush:

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For a better input , you’ll need to tell us for what exactly do you plan on using those ships .
Is it PvE / PvP , and if so, what PvE / PvP scenario ?

In general if you go amarr , you focus skills on lasers, drones, missiles , cap warfare , and obviously armor and max capacitor , shields too for those awesome Sansha ships.


PvE, security missions or just Nullsec killing rats! :slight_smile:

I didn’t reply properly before ahhh.

Your best options here are Navy Geddon , Navy Apoc , Nightmare, Paladin . Decent choices … Legion , Zealot and Sacrilege but those for particular situations mostly .
Since you like N. Geddon , I will edit my post and add my fit that I’ve used for ratting in Blood Raider space in null and you can also adapt it for level 4 security missions . I sometimes prefer Nightmare over it , gets better results , but tbh I was very satisfied with N. Geddon too.
As for N. Omen , it shines best in PvP situations as nano gang cruiser / AS cruiser , performs very well in those tasks.

[Armageddon Navy Issue, Anomalies_Sansha/Blood]

Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Large Armor Repairer II
EM Armor Hardener II
Thermal Armor Hardener II
Reactive Armor Hardener
Capacitor Power Relay II

Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Tracking Computer II, Tracking Speed Script
Tracking Computer II, Tracking Speed Script
Cap Recharger II

Mega Pulse Laser II, Scorch L
Mega Pulse Laser II, Scorch L
Mega Pulse Laser II, Scorch L
Mega Pulse Laser II, Scorch L
Mega Pulse Laser II, Scorch L
Mega Pulse Laser II, Scorch L
Mega Pulse Laser II, Scorch L
Drone Link Augmentor I

Large Energy Burst Aerator II
[Empty Rig slot]
Large Energy Locus Coordinator I

Curator II x5

I used this N.Geddon fit to snipe Havens from 50 km distance.

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Awesome! And it’s very effective then, at 50KM? Thank you very much!

I still don’t know what to do for Amarr cruisers haha.

For blunt ratting and missions , I don’t use them much , because of poor DPS , but for lower end DED sites yes. Battleships are just too slow for that and harder to get around safely in hostile space for escalations , unless you are doing 10/10 ones and you’re forced to use a Paladin .
Legion, Zealot and Sacrilege are good cruiser choices , in terms of tank they handle excellent , just that it will take you longer in them. If you like amarr and also want cruisers trained, you will like all 3 of them and they will serve you in PvP also.

Those are all Omega, I’m only Alpha. Do you know if the Omen Navy Issue or Maller can be any good?

If you plan to stay alpha , that N. Geddon won’t be effective. Also you won’t have access to level 4 missions . You could rat in null with it , but with meta guns and no sentry drones because alpha limitations , but it just won’t do well .

My advice so long as you’re alpha get a regular Harbinger and do level 3 missions for the time being.
Maller is good PvP bait ship / smartbomber , as for the the N. Omen as I said , it is an excellent PvP nano gang cruiser /AS cruiser .

With good skills and good piloting you can attempt level 3 missions in a N. Omen , if you like it that much, but in general it’s a PvP cruiser and for level 3’s people just use battlecruisers … it’s easier time in them …

I don’t, but for atleast a week or two if I enjoy it I may get Omega, so by the time I get an N. Geddon I’d be Omega :slight_smile:

So basicly none of the cruisers are any good for PvE… Well that just sucks. :confused:

Problem is I have no income right now, as my Myrmidon is a support ship and I can’t seem to run missions alone with it, despite decent skills. Or well I can do T1 but the pay is really trash. So even if I get Omega I can’t afford the Heavy Assault Cruisers. :frowning:

T3Cs and HACs do well in PvE (in your scenario Legion, Sacrilege/Zealot) , but in general not as good as a faction/pirate battleship or marauder . They are being used in situations where battleships are not ideal .
If you want a HAC for PvE , Ishtar is the perfect universal choice , but that’s not amarr , as for T3C is Tengu , but that’s caldari.

For faction / pirate cruisers , like I said , they are mostly used in PvP , there is where they shine mostly , unless there’s a Gila for example (that does a good job in a lot of PvE scenarios and also PvP) or an exploration Stratios.

With Myrm , you should have no problems doing level 3 missions , here’s an alpha friendly tested fit:

[Myrmidon, **Simulated Myrmidon Fitting]
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Thermal Armor Hardener II
EM Armor Hardener II
Medium Armor Repairer II
Medium Armor Repairer II

10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Large Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
Cap Recharger II
Drone Navigation Computer I
Cap Recharger II

200mm Prototype Gauss Gun
200mm Prototype Gauss Gun
200mm Prototype Gauss Gun
200mm Prototype Gauss Gun
200mm Prototype Gauss Gun

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Ancillary Current Router I

Hammerhead I x5

Antimatter Charge M x800

Use proper light and medium drones and hardeners .

If ISK is a problem for you , as alpha i suggest you do some abyssal sites , exploration outside highsec and some ninja gas huffing in wormholes , you’ll get more ISK doing that, you’ll get more ISK even ratting in lowsec in a destroyer like an Algos.

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Thanks, I’ll try that! My Myrmidon isn’t too different and I struggle so hard.

You mentioned the Stratios, which is a ship I’m interested in. You think that’s good for PvE, and maybe even exploration? Have any suggested fitting for that?

Stratios can do both exploration and combat PvE (up to an extent) , unfortunately i only used it for PvP , so you may have to ask around for such fit , as for exploration i just use an Astero.
It depends on what sites you want to approach with the Stratios , in terms of pure combat or both exploration and combat sites , also depends on the region you’re doing , wormhole type, etc.
But as a general rule , cloak, prober, mwd, single/dual repairer , hardeners, 1-2 DDAs, zeugma analyzer, cap battery(ies) , maybe a module that helps with scanning , as for the rigs they can be astronautic rigs, cap rigs, scanning rigs,aux armor pump, nanobot repairer, etc.

Maybe this will help you with your Myrm level 3 missions:

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Thank you!

Edit: It seems all of those are still well out of my price range OR Omega, sadly. If I wanted to, for the time being, get one I am limited to frigates or cruisers. I still sort’ve have my heart set on an Omen Navy Issue, but you say it’s terrible for PvE, so if I try it for PvP (was thinking faction warfare) I’ll probably get absolutely destroyed and will lose all my money, so not sure what to do anymore for my lower tier to make some money now.

Edit2: Bleh I really just don’t know what to do right now. I have roughly 80mil saved up and wanna be able to run t2 missions with some form of cruiser without having to start training in Caldarri or stuff I don’t have. At this point I don’t even overly care if it’s Amarr or not.

Seeing the light. Always a good sign.

Anyway, as a loyal Amarrian player I thought I’d throw my thoughts into the pot as well.

The two Cruisers have different flying styles: the Omen is fitted a faster, longer range ship - favouring speed (ha! - this is an Amarrian ship: “fast” is relative). The Maller is a tankier brawler so normally fitted for closer range engagements. Which works for you is a matter of preference.

The Navy Omen (Nomen) is straight upgrade of an Omen, but changes the rate of fire bonus to a range bonus: a range bonus - especially for Energy Turrets - is an effective damage update as higher damage crystal can be used at the same range. But the Nomen has one turret less than the basic Omen (so the gain isn’t much, but does save capacitor). You get more base armour and an extra low slot: better tank and you can put another heat sink in it.

Capacitor: you will want to train capacitor skills to a good level. Amarrian ships are capacitor hungry, although armour repair is more cap efficient than shield boosting.

If you have good drone skills then have a look at the Arbitrator. It is one of the best drone cruisers around - and you can use missiles or turrets as a secondary weapon. The extra mid-slots are handy, but the tank is weak since it is really a support ship. It’s an odd bird for Amarr as it can be reasonably shield fitted.

For Level 3 missions the Prophecy works well if you have good drone skills already. The Harbinger is prettier (in my view) and an effective ship if your Energy Turret skills are good. As with many Amarrian ships, the Harbinger has a small drone bay for light drones to deal with frigates that get under your main guns. If you can fit a Micro Jump Drive (MJD) that can be used to break combat to allow repair and recharge while the NPCs close range on you again - and to plink the frigates as the approach if you are beam fitted.

As always, feel free to reach out to me in game or ask any other questions here.

The Navy Harbinger is one of my favourite ships - and slaughters it’s way through Level 3 missions. True Wrath of God stuff.

The Armageddon is a good Drone ship, not perfect, but effective. I’ve always found the Navy Armageddon disappointing, but I suspect that’s a “bad fit” problem rather than fundamental. I run Level 4 missions in a Apocalypse - very effective, or a Navy Apocalypse (Napoc) - which is a lovely, and expensive, monster.
I also run Level 4 missions in a Tachyon fitted Nightmare - a very different beastie, but very efficient.

Weapon types: One of the nice things in Eve is that using the different weapons and ships feels different - Energy Turrets have a very short fall off so you fight just inside Optimum as damage falloff is severe. This is helped by instantly changing crystals - you will change ammunition more often in an Amarrian ship to keep at that “just inside optimum”. This feels very different to using Hybrids.
And Lasers are “Cool”: You are bringing God’s light to the heathens - what can be better than that?


I’ll give each of them a look ingame to see if I can afford them and how they look. Thank you! :slight_smile: I guess I’m a bit sick of just drones after my Myrmidon and wanted something else. Sniping/Long range sounds fun but the downside is I gotta travel a long time to pick stuff up haha.

Edit: Messaged you ingame!

It is not terrible , what I said:

Now, if you use it on level 2 missions it will obliterate all , level 3 with good skills , good fit and good piloting you can attempt them , but in level 3 you’ll be more efficient and relaxed with a Harbinger or Prophecy .
There’s also the Navy Harbinger , which is overkill for level 3 missions , in the way that Navy Omen is overkill for level 2 missions.

I hope this clarifies things for you.

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It does, thanks. :slight_smile:

Hmm you were asking about Amarr cruisers… well I used to fly the augoror navy issue - it’s kind of fun! Has decent damage for 3 med lasers and for the smaller stuff harder for the lasers to track you can pack a few light drones. The regular Aug is a support ship but the navy version is decent at combat. And has armour repair bonuses too. Can be used for DED sites 3/10 and 4/10 so I think fine for lev3 missions.

Also why not vexor or vexor navy issue as drone boats? Not as Tanky as myrmidon but are more agile and pack decent punch! U should be able to get 300+ dps on alpha max skills character. As long as you have good cruiser skills and drone skills!

I use prophecy for unrated complexes in hs and up to 4/10 ded sites. I like IT mainly because of large drone bay allowing to fit in almost all types of drone packs and small Reserve for each of them. I like to use salvage drones as sometimes IT gives me up to 5-6 mil per site additionally. the only mayor issue i notice is not that good lasers firepower. You can try IT too. Remember about tank firstly ofc, later on capacitor decent stability. serpentis phi-outpost Boss almost killed me during my 1st attempt. I myself use 2 armor repairers - 1 medium and 1 small.

Basic T1 Armageddon RHML and dual rep.
With this you can change damage type fast and you can run any drone config you want.

The bandwidth is the same as the Domi, but she’s cheaper and can be tanked well enough to do most epic Arks solo and all lvl4 missions solo, even Blockade mission is nothing with the dual rep fit and the near constant dps output. Just a case of a little bit of micromanagement on the drones when rats start focusing on them, but most know how to fix that fast.

With the other highslots you could add turrets or utility modules.