Omen pve fitt for alpha

I have not flown Amarr ships sense back in 2007 wanted to have a go at doing some L2 missions until I can do L3 and I know being Amarr your only going to do EM and Thermal dmg so the type of enemies I can murder will be limited But I would love if you guys had a fit for alpha clone with a 30 mill painfully made budget.

There are a few fits available.

But there are other Amarr Cruisers available that might be another option.

Tech I Cruisers

  • Augoror : Bit of a black sheep, the Augoror is usually overlooked over the other Amarr cruisers. It has fairly good armor due to the hitpoint bonus, but it is best served as a gang support ship, with it’s Energy Emission bonuses.

  • Arbitrator : The Arbitrator is somewhat similar to the Dominix in the fact that it goes very well with drones and nosferatu. However, it’s more specalized in using tracking disruptors, due to the 5% effectivness bonus. With drone bonuses for HP, Damage and mining, it also makes an unlikely mining boat too.

  • Maller : The Maller is the best tank cruiser in the galaxy, with 1500 armor, +5% resistances per level, and 6 lowslots. It also has 6 highslots to aid in damage and 3 midslots to warp scramble/web the target.

  • Omen : The gank cruiser for Amarrians, with laser damage bonuses, the Omen was made to shoot.